Core Values


  • We are committed to being a vehicle for our clients’, realizing that their success will only come through their own commitment to their health and well-being.
    • We are dedicated to and focused on facilitating our clients to meet their individual fitness goals/needs.


  • We are committed to acquiring new knowledge and to the transference of that knowledge to our clients so they may become self-reliant.


  • We reach outside of our community for “cutting edge” knowledge to facilitate our clients’ dramatic results.
    • We incorporate the four tiers of human movement through the use of traditional, functional, core and balance training.


  • At YPB we all embrace the same fitness philosophy, share knowledge and strengths with one another and create a united team in support of our clients’ balance of mind, body and spirit.
    • We promote a community of clients and trainers focused on mutual trust and interconnectedness.


  • We love what we do and will help our clients find their own passion for fitness.


At Your Personal Best, we are passionately committed to working together, focusing our knowledge, expertise and innovation on each individual client so that each client may enjoy the experience of attaining their personal best, as they define it.

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