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  1. Post Holiday Suggestions From Your Veteran YPB Fitness Professionals.

    We have had a few questions arise from one of our YPB clients this past month. ML Now that the holidays are over, Martha had some very good questions regarding post holiday health and some ways to burn off those extra calories.   She asks, “What could I have done differently?” “What can I do to get back on track?” and “What can curb my cravings?”

    Our most successful clients have been those who have a plan in place before the holidays begin and have found success by doing the following things:

    1.  Adhering to regular workouts (designed by a trainer).  The YPB Studio has incorporated the Winter Power Program that consists of Cardio resistance training.  This type of training combines strength training and short one minute intervals of intense cardiovascular exercises.   This type of training is geared to burn mass calories and boost metabolism.  Adding small things like using the stairs and parking your car farther away from your destination equals extra caloric burn!

    2.  Following a meal plan that includes breakfast every day, frequent small meals, fruits and veggies at each meal and sufficient water.

    3.  Eating a healthy snack before attending holiday gatherings.  Limiting alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks and soda.

    4.  Removing temptations from the house

    sleep5.  Getting 6-8 hours of sleep

    6.   Asking for help when feeling overwhelmed

    7.  Having a nonfood reward system

    8.  Enjoying fun and humor!

    9.  Moving their Focus Away From Food

    10.  Learning to curb their food cravings

    Continually eating the food you constantly crave, may just strengthen the habit. The more you eat sweets, the more you reinforce the cravings for sweets.  So should you go cold turkey? No. Feeling deprived of a favorite food often backfires and you end up eating too much. You can indulge in it, but just do it less frequently. We suggest an “eat off day” where you take one day to indulge in the foods you crave-with moderation, of course!  Do it in a portion-controlled way.

    Don’t let yourself get too hungry.  We recommend eating 6 small balanced meals throughout the day.  This way, you stabilize your blood sugars and limit the possibility of eating whatever’s in sight-simply because you are “starving”.

    It’s better to have a steadfast plan. Make sure to have sugarless gum on hand, for example, ready to pop into your mouth when the craving strikes. Or make it routine to take a walk at that time.  Habitually, you replace that craving.

    So, when the holidays roll around next year, have your plan in place.  Set yourself up for success.  Curb your cravings now and you will be way ahead of the game when temptation rears its ugly head!

    Read More:  http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/the-facts-about-food-cravings?page=3


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