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  1. 5 Things to do NOW to slim down before the holiday

    holidayWe are officially on the verge of holiday season…and with it a myriad of food temptations and weight gain traps. Don’t fret, if you act now there’s still time to tighten up before putting on your holiday finest.

    Do these 5 things NOW to quickly shape up…

    1. Eat more Veggies

    Your mom was right, eating vegetables really is a good idea, especially when aiming to drop pounds. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, veggies are low in calories and high in fiber, which means that you’re filling up without packing on pounds. Second, the vitamins and minerals in fresh vegetables nourish your body and cut down on cravings.

    2.Add five Minutes

    Each week, between now and New Years, I want you to add 5 minutes to your workouts. Just five more minutes. The slight increase from week to week will hardly be noticeable, but the extra fat burn will pay off nicely. Use these extra five minutes to do an intense burst of exercise (that you are able to do, modifying as needed), such as burpees, squat to presses and walking lunges.

    3. Double up on Water

    Not only will staying extra hydrated help your skin to have a healthy glow, it will also speed up your fat loss efforts. Most of us are walking around in a state of chronic dehydration, which contributes to fatigue, stubborn weight gain and constipation. By drinking more water throughout the day, and by limiting your intake of caffeinated beverages, you’ll become healthier and more radiant.

    4. Eat low Carb (after 4pm)

    One of the easiest ways to drop a few inches around your waist before the holidays is to eat low carb after 4pm each day. This means eating dinners that are centred around salads and vegetables rather than breads and pastas. If you simply must have your oatmeal or whole grain bread each day, then eat it for breakfast or lunch and give low carb dinners a try – starting with the recipe for Greek Stew below. Don’t forget that sugar counts as carbs, so skip that sugary dessert and try a grapefruit for dessert.

    5. Train with Me

    If you’re not yet one of my beloved clients, then now is the time. I’d love to get you into phenomenal shape before New Years, and to give you the foundation that will keep you lean and healthy for life no matter your age.

    Call or email today and we will get you started this week on an exercise program that will get you back in control of your body.

  2. November Thoughts & 3 Week Extras

    3 Week Extras –

    Perform 100 rope jumps during 2 minutes of your usual “rest” time.  Add a penalty of 3 rope jumps for each rope jump shorted (if any) – AFTER the workout. IOW (In Other Words), if you only get 50 of the prescribed 100, you are to add 150 rope jumps after the workout.

    General Thoughts for November:

    CaptureWe’ve only a few weeks until the holiday season tries to take over our life. From this moment until about the week of Thanksgiving you’ll have a chance to off-set some of your “cheat” eating. But you MUST focus.

    We challenge you to give some deliberate effort to your nutrition and exercise for the next 3 weeks. We’ll help you! Starts to focus today!

    TODAY, we challenge you to:

    1. Clean up your worst meal. If you “cheat” eat at dinner – STOP cheating! Stop it NOW! Choose a “healthy meal” that you know will serve you. Here are some ideas on meals (from breakfast to dinner selections). Plan your meals ahead. If you blow it and don’t eat the “healthy meal” you intended to eat, make a rule right now that you can only eat a single protein bar or shake for that meal NEXT time. That’s it, NOTHING else!  Drink all the water you need.

    2. Do the 3 week extras. For the next 3 weeks we’ll post some extras on our Facebook site for you to do. These will be aimed toward increasing your over-all fitness.

    3. POST your comments! Let’s try this. We are more successful with community support. Community cannot happen without communication. If you accept our challenges, please indicate that you are out there daily. Just add a little comment of accountability, or of encouragement, or of whatever you feel would add to the collective community in positive ways.

    We’ll see you at the studio and/or in the comments!


  3. Holidays are NOT an Excuse!

    Don’t Make Excuses

    Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to overeat. Choose to be full, not stuffed. Listen to your body, and stop eating and drinking when you’ve had enough.

    Check out this Healthy Muffin Recipe!

    Delightful Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins

    Preheat your oven to 350, then mix:
    •    2 eggs (I used equivalent in egg substitute)
    •    1 c. Mootopia skim milk
    •    1 c. shredded zucchini (peeled before shredding)
    •    1 tsp. vanilla
    •    3 tbsp. agave syrup
    Whisk well then add:
    •    1/2 c.  Quinoa (uncooked, dry; preferably red)
    •    1 tsp. baking soda
    •    1/2 c. gluten free pancake mix
    •    1 tsp cocoa powder
    •    1 1/2 scoop Chocolate PROPOWER, Pro Whey Protein Powder

    Blend more till smooth.  If desired, add 1/2-3/4 c. dark chocolate chips or chunks.

    Note: Your batter will be very wet.  Pour the batter into muffin tins; bake ’till they spring when you touch them, about 15-20 minutes.  Let them rest on a counter for 10-15 minutes to cool. The quinoa becomes nutty and delicious within the muffins.  These are best served cooled.

    Makes 1 Dozen.
    Nutrition Facts: (per 1 muffin)
    Calories: 86
    Protein: 4 gms
    Carbohydrates: 13 gms
    Fat: 2 gms

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