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  1. Fall Fitness Guidelines

    Fall is a time when LOTS of people are starting to make fitness goals and we want to make sure that you reach those goals.

    If you follow these Fall Fitness Guidelines you will be well on your way to seeing serious results this season!

    1: Moderate Aerobic exercise: The American College of Sports Medicine suggest all adults should engage in 30 to 45 minutes or more of moderately intense physical activity daily to maximize fitness gains and fat loss.

    2: Concern for Muscle: According to the Mayo Clinic, if your aerobic workouts aren’t balanced by a proper dose of strength training, you’re missing out on a key component of overall health and fitness that will maximize fat loss, build bone density, improve posture, develop muscle tone and slow down the aging process.

    3: Right Nutrition: Eat 5-6 small meals and snacks each day. Studies indicate that when people eat more regularly throughout the day, they are less likely to overeat or indulge in less-healthy choices.

    4: Drink Water: Our body is 50-60 percent water, and when we are dehydrated, our body and its organs and systems don’t function at their optimal level. How Eight Glasses a Day can Keep the Fat Away

    5: Practice the 80:20 rule. You can’t expect to be perfect for the rest of your life, and setting these types of high expectations will definitely set you up for failure and feelings of inadequacy. The 80:20 Diet Rule

    6: Limit your alcohol intake: Alcohol poses a number of problems. It is high in calories and lacking in nutrient value.Is Alcohol Making Me Fat?

    7: Increase your daily activity: Try to think of ways that you can be more active throughout your day without having to actually exercise. 200 Healthy Calories In/Out
    8: Journal: Keep an activity and food log. Record your daily exercise and what and how much you eat. Food Journaling is Good For Your Health.

    For more details on these guidelines read this article

    Yours in Health & Fitness,
    Lisa Wright


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