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  1. SMART Goals

    SMART Goals

    What is so Smart about SMART Goals?

    By Marcia Keener, ACSM Wellness Coach


    S          Specific

    M        Measurable

    A         Action oriented

    R         Reasonable

    T         Time line


    In my last post, I talked about the need to develop the confidence that will help to sustain a behavior change. I introduced the notion of the SMART goal as one method I use with my clients to assist in building confidence in his/her ability to change behavior.  Often clients will jump into a new exercise and/or nutrition program with great enthusiasm, attempting to make significant changes in a short time. While this process may work for some, and even most of us in the short term, it rarely results in long term, sustainable lifestyle changes. SMART goals allow my clients to integrate change into their lives in steps, which allow for greater opportunity for success.

    What does a SMART goal look like exactly?

    Some would say that a goal stating “I will lose 25 lbs in three weeks” would qualify. It is Specific – 25 lb weight loss. Also Measurable – 25 lbs. It is also Time lined – 3 weeks. However, our goal falls short at this point.

    A three week time frame for losing 25 lbs is not Reasonable nor is it Action oriented. This is a goal which would be difficult to reach and would not likely bring success, which builds confidence.   A SMART goal would be: “I will do resistance training with Terry/Melanie two times per week for one hour on M/W from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.” This goal is very Specific. It is Measurable. Action oriented, rather than results oriented. It is also Reasonable and has a very specific Time line.  Paired with a nutrition goal to support this training, the result would be fat loss/muscle gain. Smart?! Yes.

    As the current goals are met each week, new goals are established which build on success and establish growing levels of challenge. Contact me to assist you in creating your SMART goals which will support you on your wellness/fitness journey.

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