Personal Coaching

Helping Clients Change: Private Personal Coaching -VS- Personal Training

Did you know that if you commit to a goal in writing you are 40% more likely to achieve it? You’re 95% more likely to achieve it if you have a coach. Following an initial body composition and fitness assessment we can map out goals for you and coach you forward to success. We may challenge you to work out more per week, eat more whole foods or get more sleep. If you are self disciplined, motivated and already have the resources available to “get the job done”, then hire us “once” (every 4-6 weeks) to be your “Personal Coach”.

For only $175.00 each personal coaching session may include up to all of the following:


See what some of our coaching clients have to say about this: Grab a sample workout here and call for an appointment today! 361-857-5087

“Lisa Wright has provided me, a customized plan and the necessary tools to reach my personal fitness goals and I could not be more happy at this time in my life than now, it’s Price-less! Thank you Lisa and staff at YPB Training Studio!!” ~ Sincerely, Edna C.

“These customized workouts do something I could never really do on my own—they engage my entire body tho to the point of muscle fatigue. The exercise sequence keeps my heart rate right where it needs to be, and I can’t wait to see how my body responds.  For other moms out there that work and have limited time but are committed to getting stronger, I highly recommend this route!” ~ Charlotte Valdez

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