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  1. Private Personal Training

    You must be visiting this page because you are interested in personal training and don’t know where to start!

    We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge Personal Training options that guarantee results! Contact us today and make an appointment or to receive additional information on our personal training options.

    Complimentary Initial Personal Training Pass

    We would like to offer you an initial Complimentary Private Training session to help you decide how we can work together to help you achieve your goals. It’s the best way to see first hand how much we will take care of you.


    What is Personal Training?

    Is Personal Training For You?

    Answer these questions to determine if you could benefit from working with a Personal Trainer.

    Personal Training is the The Key to Results – Here’s why

    What to expect in your first sessions and how to get started with your own Personal Training program.

    Laws of Success ( Fitness Synergy)

    These four laws move you forward to your health and fitness goals!

    Forms and Questionnaires



    Personal Training Services

    We have a variety of programs that make it easy to customize your Personal Training schedule to meet your health and fitness goals.


    Try Group Training

    An economical way to train with a trainer at the fraction of the cost of Private Training.


    How Much Do We Charge?

    Personal Training can be unique from one person to the next.  If price is THE most important thing to you, then our prices run from $17.50 to $75.00 per hour.

    PLEASE CALL 361-857-5087 to see if we are a good fit for one another.  If so, you will be invited in to meet with the owner, Lisa Wright to discuss all the options and services available that will guarantee your success!

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4102-E South Staples
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(361) 857-5087 info@ypbtrainingstudio.com