1. Semi Group Training Workout 1

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, many of our clients enjoy training in small groups of 2 -4 people called SEMIs. These workouts are typically divided into 20 minute segments and may run from 30 minutes to one hour.
    Workout week 1 focuses on building stamina, strength, as well as core stability. You must warm-up before starting with this routine and stretch afterwards if you want to get the best results.
    Workout 1 will be performed 3 x before we progress our clients to workout 2. Starting with 15-20 reps of each exercise moving we will move from one to the next with minimal rest between exercises (by minimal we mean 2-3 seconds). After one full circuit is complete, an optional rest for 60 seconds is included then circuit is repeated two more times.
    The first 6 exercises are more of a warm up or where we start beginners. The last 6 are for intermediates to advanced clients. We choose and progress exercises according to the fitness level of our clients.
    • Pushups from knees – Keep shoulders down and belly button draw in.
    • Bodyweight squats – Keep head up and shoulders back. No bending over at the waist.
    • Jumping Jacks – Stay light on the feet.
    • Opposite Arm Opposite Leg Raise – Take arm out at an angle a bit, squeeze butt, and keep belly button drawn in.
    • Lateral Bag Kick with bar – Option to hang on to lightweight body bar for support.
    • Bridge (Plank) on elbows – Draw belly button in and keep head and shoulders relaxed.
    • Standing Chest Press with Cables – Stagger the feet for better support and draw the belly button in to stabilize.
    • Squat with Supra Band – Keep head up, elbows high, and shoulders back. No bending over at the waist.
    • Jump Rope (side to side) – Stay light on the feet
    • Cable Lat Pull downs – Keep palms facing down or in, relax the head, squeeze butt, and keep belly button draw in.  
    • Banded Ankle Walks – Stick butt out a bit to target glutes more. Keep head and shoulders up.
    • Belly Blaster – Draw belly button in and keep head and shoulders relaxed.

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