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  1. “More Cardio, Less Lardio”

    more cardio less lardio

    I cracked up at convention when I heard this, and how true it is! I am so often asked, “How do I get started?” While I want to sell resistance training right away, it is not always the “best” way for a middle-ager or older person to get started.

    For 30 Days …

    I recently designed a 30 day cardio program for a 50+ year old client using only a heart rate monitor and his existing club membership. He was not happy (as I pulled him off weight training for a month) but agreed to 30 days because what he was currently doing stopped working for him toward his goal to lose body fat.

    Consider a Heart Rate Monitor

    I really prefer all my clients wear a heart rate monitor. Monitoring your heart rate (especially for the first 30 days) will help you to NOT “overdo /underdo” your program. A heart rate monitor will meet you right where your fitness is and keep you from getting injured if you pay attention to it.

    lisa upside downCommitment

    So, decide how you want to move; inside, outside or upside down, it doesn’t really matter. Just COMMIT! For 30 days, every day, do a little more than you did the day before until you are exercising between 65% – 85% of your max heart rate. Keep building on the day before until you can do 30, 45 or even 60 minutes a day by the end of this time!

    Lose 8 Pounds!

    This same client lost over 8 pounds in the first two weeks, had to adjust to some shin splints and a blister but DID NOT stop. He will tell you below that he feels better than ever and agrees that this was what was needed to get him on the right track.

    Testimonial from Larry: “I lost 8 pounds during my first two weeks of cardio and I increased my endurance so I could walk further in a shorter period of time.”

    Services that May Help You!

    I hope you noticed that I wasn’t trying to sell you anything in this blog. For some individuals, even 30 days seems daunting and they need the accountability. If you insist on hiring us to help you get YOUR “rocket-off-the-ground” then consider an assessment and the 30 day cardio coaching program that is easy to follow with your heart rate monitor. An initial conversation with our wellness coach, Marcia Keener, might also set you on your way to a more fit YOU!

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