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  1. Meet Michelle Castro

    Born: Laredo, TX

    Parents/Married/Children/Pets: Both my parents still live in Laredo. I’ve been married for 7 years to my high school sweetheart, Albert. We have no children but we do have 3 godchildren, ages 2-6, that we treat as our own. We also have three pitbulls who are our kids: Mercedes, Diesel and Chula.

    Current Occupation:

    Administrator at YPB Training Studio
    Certifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with An Emphasis in Health Care


    I like to play with my dogs, do house/yard work, take my godchildren out and have road trips with my husband.

    How did you hear about YPB and what brought you to the studio?

    I heard about YPB from a family friend who was working for Lisa at the time for her marketing business. After meeting Lisa, I decided to join under TAMUCC’s Small Business Internship Program in Feb. 2012.

    What attracted you to YPB?

    I initially became interested in working with Lisa through her marketing business due to a recent career change I made from Nursing to Business. I felt I could learn a lot from her. After getting to know her and her business I learned of her passion for her training the over 50 and was excited to be a part of YPB.

    What unique qualities do you bring to Team YPB that might set you apart (even just a little bit)?

    I feel I am talented among multiple aspects of business, from Marketing, to Website, to Taxes, etc. I am a quick learner and feel that sets me apart.

    What is your own weekly fitness routine?

    After working for YPB, I went from never exercising in my life and eating the worst, to being educated about the benefits of health and fitness. I am truly inspired by what our clients are able to do. Currently, I do about 15 mins. of exercise each day, drinking half my body weight in water and changing my diet significantly.

    What type of community activities are you involved in?

    I volunteer at my church and will help Lisa and YPB at various community events.

    What do you look forward to the most working with men/women over 50, their health challenges and/or disabilities?

    I like that I have the ability to help the over 50 with their health and fitness journey.

    What is your favorite fitness/inspirational/motivational quote?

    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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