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  1. Meet Juan G.



    Name: Juan Carlos Guerrero
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Fitness Professional at YPB with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from TAMUCC
    Certifications: Personal Trainer Certification with ACE (American College of Exercise), FAS – Functional Aging Specialist
    How long have you lived in Corpus Christi? 5 years
    Are you married? No, but hopefully in the near future.
    Do you have children? No children at the moment.


    1. Before your transformation, please describe  your typical day’s eating.
    Usually eat cereal or oatmeal and definitely eat a hand full of almonds each morning.
    Lunch (varies):
    Tuna sandwiches and any combination of eggs that I can think of at that moment. Some occasions I do eat salads or cook something randomly, but a lot of the time it would depend on the budget I have that month.
    Eating sandwiches of all different kinds. Mostly peanut butter with either jelly or honey, but other times would be ham and egg sandwich or just a ham sandwich by itself.

    2. Please describe how you eat now. Foods, amounts, combinations and times of day.
    There are a number of things that get into my diet on a regular basis. Milk and orange juice would probably be a must have and typically get about 1-2 cups a day of each. Also like to get in some sort of whole grain bread each day which would consist of about 2-4 slices of bread. Cooking eggs about 2- 3 times per week is probably a regular part of the routine as well. Everything else ranges from a bowl of oatmeal to chicken breast every now and then. Rarely go out and eat because I just don’t feel like I need it in my diet, but temptation does break me from time to time. Typical college student diet with very little variation.

    3. What is your favorite healthy meal?
    The favorite type of meal would probably some sort of homemade salad with avocados on it…Mmmmm yummy!!!

    4. What is your favorite “free day” food?
    It would probably have to be either some sort of steak or burger, but if I had to choose the steak would probably number 1 in my heart.

    5. Toughest eating obstacle to overcome?
    Being with friends for a long period of time makes it tough at times. It is great to be with them, but since I would want to spend as much time with them as possible fast food places is always preferred over something cooked.

    6. Current exercise routine.
    I typically work out about 5 times a week with 4 of those days being specifically driven by strength workouts. On Wednesdays I usually like to play basketball or football just to change things up a bit and get some rest while I’m at it. I also do play flag football on most Saturdays but I would consider that more towards being fun rather than an actual workout. I like to mix thing up by doing muscular strength for a month then muscular endurance the next. Cardio usually goes into my workout routine about twice a week.

    7. Favorite benefit of this healthier lifestyle.
    Would definitely have to be looking good while I still can. The health benefits will come later when I need them, but while I am still young the best thing about it is looking good!

    8. Who is your role model?
    Dan Henderson or Barry Sanders are by far my favorite role models, but I cannot choose one from the other. Dan Henderson is a UFC fighter and probably the oldest in there right now. Barry Sanders is a hall of fame football player who played for the Detroit Lions. The thing about them that I really like is their classiness towards both sports and they do not like to “show off” like most people would.

    9. Why do you exercise?
    Exercise helps me relieve stress and I actually enjoy working out. Being a college student and having a job really puts a lot of stress on me and instead of going out drinking or taking my anger on someone I would much rather exercise and just get away from all the distractions around from time to time.

    10. Who is your workout buddy?
    Most of the time, I do workout alone but sometimes choose to workout with Alex Trejo. He is one of my best friends and also an Exercise Science major like me. We like to push ourselves when we do workout, but with conflicting schedules we rarely get to work out together.

    11. How long have you exercised regularly?
    Since I was in middle school, I had been intrigued by exercising and realized then that this is exactly what I want to be dealing with for the rest of my life. It is a strange concept to look at it like that, but I did grow up in a family with athletes that were constantly working out as well which probably played a huge role in my life choices.

    12. What is your must-have piece of gear?
    The must-have piece of gear would have to be my I-Pod by far. I like to listen to music just about everywhere I go and always carry the I-Pod with me, even if I may not use it on that day.

    13. What is your health and fitness advice?
    Even though most people do not like to exercise, just by doing a simple walk 30 min a day can have positive changes in your life. People like to make all sorts of excuses for why not to workout but walking for 15 min around the block and 15 min back won’t kill or hurt anyone.

    14. What is your best health or fitness achievement?
    I have never weighed over 180 lbs and normally stay between 165 and 177 lbs. Also in high school, I was ranked 2nd in state for power-lifting but unfortunately scratched out at regionals.

    15. What is your current health or fitness goal?
    Just to stay fit and active for the rest of my life. People like to get strong or get “ripped” but for me it’s all about the health side of things instead of trying to impress people by how strong I am.

    16. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym or otherwise exercising?
    I only have like two pet peeves and they would probably be that people do not pick up the weights after they are done lifting and that they do not utilize a full ROM when they are exercising. I know that people work there and pick them up for you but this doesn’t mean we should take advantage of them.

    17. What sport would you like to try?
    Lacrosse is definitely one sport I would like to try. This is because it involves a lot of running and teamwork as well.

    18. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to eating right or exercising?
    Managing my stress levels would be the toughest obstacle to overcome. When my stress levels elevate too high I tend to eat more and exercise less when it should be the complete opposite of that.

    19. How would you spend $100 earmarked for health and fitness?
    Probably buy some sort of protein mix along with an exercise type of equipment like resistance bands or weights.

    20. What is the most exotic locale where you have exercised?
    I really haven’t done anything too exotic but the beach would probably be my most exotic place. I have played football, played in soccer and volleyball tournaments, and I have also done some training when I was younger by running up the hills. I would like to go around to more exotic places but right now I am still young and focusing on my education.

    21. What music do you listen to while exercising?
    During exercise, listening to all types of music lets me mix things up a lot. Country music or love songs are definitely out of the mix.

    22. What is your most embarrassing exercising moment?
    In rare occasion, for some reason, I am lifting weights and one side feels heavier than the other side. Come to realize after the set that there is actually more weight on one side than the other. Never a huge amount of a difference but enough to cause embarrassment when someone sees it. My excuse for it is that I am trying a new type of resistance workout.

    23. What has been your strangest exercise experience?
    Yoga might be the strangest experience that I have had. I know it is a regular routine for a lot of people but I rarely do it and when I tried it for the first time I was sore in places I will not go into detail about.

    24. What do you think is the best benefit of exercising and/or eating right?
    Your heart, research has actually shown that people may prevent and fully avoid heart strokes if they eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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