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  1. Mary’s Results are Impressive!

    Let’s not take inspiration lightly; a good dose of motivation can genuinely change someone for the better.  As Functional Aging Specialists, we love to encourage and motivate men and women over 50 to age actively and help them reach their goals.

    Mary Connors is an absolute model of what we inspire people to do.  She is incredibly dedicated, works hard, and has had some AMAZING results in just four months.  These are Mary’s numbers since she started with us in March:

    – 7.3% body fat
    – 3.6″ off her waist
    – 23.9lb of fat

    Through commitment and consistency, Mary has lost almost 24lbs of body fat all the while maintaining her lean tissue a.k.a. Muscle!  We are impressed with how hard she works, and how much her dedication to the workouts are paying off.

    “I benefited in many ways; I’ve lost weight, body fat percent, my general mobility is better, and I can bend and move around easier.”

    It is impressive what coming to YPB 2 or 3 times per week for just 30min a session can do for you. Of course, a lot depends on what you do or put into your mouth outside of the studio too.

    To have a Functional Aging Specialist motivate you and keep you on your toes is something unique that no one else here in our city has to offer. The workouts are safe, effective and affordable.

    Hear Mary’s Full Testimonial here – http://bit.ly/2MgEvLm

    Whether you need balance, coordination, strength, or even to lose weight, we are here for you and Mary is a great model of what a person over 50 can do with our Functional workouts and some dedication.

    “I’ve been recommending YPB to my friends.  The small group exercise is great, it’s a tough 30 min workout, and you get to be with a family while you workout.”

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