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  1. Jim’s Dr. was so Surprised!

    Have you ever been to a point in your life where you had an eye-opening moment with regard to your health?  Maybe it was a family member, a friend, or even a doctor’s visit that caused you to look in the mirror and realize that you needed to make a change in your life for the better.

    One of our newest clients, Jim Schuchardt had a huge eye-opening moment when he visited his doctor and realized that he needed to make a change in order to live healthier.  Luckily, he had a conversation with a longtime friend and client of ours and she let him know all about YPB and everything we could do for him.

    “I found Your Personal Best Training Studio through
    a friend who was coming here and was very happy, so
    I decided to give it a try myself.” Jim S., 74

    Heart disease is the number one killer in America. This disease is killing 1 in 4 of us and its symptoms are directly and positively impacted with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Here is an article from the AHA website regarding physical activity in the older population.

    “One of the things that I wanted to accomplish was to hopefully at some point in the future be able to live without any heart or blood pressure medications.”

    Since starting with us this year, Jim’s results have been AMAZING.  He has lost body fat, gained strength, and best of all his blood pressure has dropped considerably. His own doctor was surprised by Jim’s results since his last checkup.

    “I have been to the doctor for a follow-up checkup and my blood pressure was, to the doctor’s surprise by the way, in perfect range.”

    Watch Jim’s full testimonial here – https://bit.ly/2Jj0Oe1

    Jim is a great example of how hard work, dedication, and working with a Functional Aging Specialist can really improve your overall health.

    I would recommend the studio because I think it has the potential for anyone to lose fat if they eat right and exercise.  It’s pretty simple.”

    Are you ready to make a change in your life?

    Our consultations are FREE. Give one of our Functional Aging Specialist 30 mins of your time and learn how improving functional fitness is critical to living a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

    Call us at 361-857-5087, anytime between 6am-7pm, or directly reply to this email today to claim your FREE consultation. What are you waiting for?

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