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  1. HIIT for the Beginner

    Here are some tips for those that are new to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or are out of shape:

    • Choose the cardio exercise that you feel the most comfortable with (treadmill, outdoor walking, stationary bike, elliptical, seated stepper, etc.)
    • Experiment by exercising a little harder than usual until you feel like you are getting out of breath and then back off to your usual pace or even a little below it
    • Note how you feel during the recovery period and when you have caught your breath then try it again
    • Use longer intervals (2-3 minutes) and limit how hard you go during the higher-intensity intervals (RPE 16-17)
    • The length of the recovery intervals should be longer than the higher-intensity intervals; shoot for a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3
    • When you feel comfortable try one of our sample beginner routines

    Beginner HIIT Workout # 1

    Total time: 20min

    Warm-Up (4:00) – Start easy and gradually increase exercise intensity so that you achieve an RPE of about 11-12 (this is your base level) by the end of the warm-up.

    Stage 1 (9:00) 3 Hills

    Hill #1: Increase speed and resistance/incline to an RPE of 15 for 1 minute.
    Return to base level for 2 minutes.
    Repeat twice.

    Stage 2 (4:00) 3 Sprints

    Sprint #1: Increase speed to an RPE of 17 for 20 seconds. Return to base level for 60 seconds.
    Repeat twice.

    Cool-Down (3:00) – Decrease intensity to achieve an RPE of 9-10. Heart rate should return to within about 20-30 beats per minute of pre-exercise value.

    Ritchie, D., & Sipe, C. (2013). No More Low and Slow (and boring) Cardio. In Never Grow Old (pp. 138-139). West Lafayette, IN: Ruckus Publishing.

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