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  1. Having a Great Support System Matters…

    There are many reasons why a person might stop working out or why they fall off the “wagon.”  Some of the reasons are because they don’t have a great support system in place or they might have a lack of accountability.

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, our community has a great support system within each small group and an entire staff of Functional Aging Specialists to keep you safe and hold you accountable.

    Silvana Casas started with YPB the first week of June and is already experiencing great results.  Not only has she lost 2% body composition and 2.5 pounds of fat, but she’s also maintaining her lean healthy tissue.

    Silvana works hard, is dedicated, and loves our small personal training groups.  This would not be possible if she did not have the courage and decide to take the first step to give us a try….

    “I found YPB via Facebook, they had a trail for 14 days and I needed some encouragement and discipline, so I decided to give them a try.”

    From the clients she gets to work out with to the trainers who love to push her and hold her accountable, Silvana immediately fell in love with our fitness community who are 50+ years old.

    Hear Silvana’s full testimonial here – http://bit.ly/2O2a359  

    As Functional Aging Specialists, we understand that people need more than just a 30min workout two or three times per week.  Accountability is an important part of a fitness regimen because without the support of others it can be easy to fall back into old habits.

    “Having the support system has helped me push through and not just give up when things start getting challenging.  I feel much better emotionally and physically since I’ve started.”

    Our YPB community is a great place to be because you are working out with people the same age, with the same goals in mind, and also with Functional Aging Specialists who know how to push you to reach your goals!

    “When you invest in yourself, your wellbeing is at stake and it’s worth every penny.”

    In honor of Silvana’s success, we’ve opened up 3 more slots for our readers. The very same offer she took us up on from Facebook. Just follow this link, to take the survey and let’s see if we are a fit https://bit.ly/2GE6WvT  

    Space is limited, reply today!


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