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  1. Exercise Because …

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    We wrote to you regarding all the ways functional exercise can help us stay fit even over 50 years old.  From extending our quality of life to maintaining our independence and exercise is especially beneficial toward fighting against certain diseases.

    A program of regular exercise might surprise you by giving you back your youthful body, improving the way you look, feel, and how much more you will enjoy being you.

    We love sharing weekly client success stories from people just like you! Georgia  Root is such an inspiration as she shares with us the benefits she has received from the continuity of a regular exercise program of functional fitness.

    Hear Georgia’s full testimonial here – http://bit.ly/2E8ByrM

    “The groups are always friendly, and you acquire new friends as you’re going along. I have lost weight, improved my balance and increased my strength”.  ~Georgia R. 67

    If you are looking to have more energy, be able to move better, feel better and have fun while doing it then find a functional aging specialist​ near YOU!

    You are NEVER too old or young to begin a program of functional fitness. Don’t wait until the start of the New Year, to get started!

    Client Success!

    At 67, Georgia Root has realized how good she can feel and has found great success with small group functional training sessions held twice a week for 30min each session.

    Georgia has had more energy this holiday season than she’s had in the past and feels more motivated to continue to exercise.  She gets a great sense of accomplishment for exercising, has more energy throughout the day, and appreciates the comradery she has with her workout partners.

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