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  1. Aging Fearlessly Workshop

    March 24, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
    All Saints' Episcopal Church
    3026 S Staples St
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404

    Aging Fearlessly
    Saturday, March 24, 2018
    All Saints’ Episcopal Church – Corpus Christi

    Information and resources to help you blossom into the maturing and exploring time of your life

    Many of us are well into the second half of our life. It can be quite anxiety-provoking to face not only our mortality but also the many, many changes as we start to move beyond middle-age.

    • Am I ready for retirement – financially or emotionally?
    • Do I have my affairs in order, so that others will be able to make decisions on my behalf that match up to what I want?
    • What is happening to my body – and what can I do to stay healthy and moving?
    • How can I harvest the wisdom of my experiences and celebrate life to the end?

    At All Saints’ we have a community full of people that can guide you through whatever questions and fears you have about aging – and have agreed to be presenters and panelists at our first Aging Fearlessly event on Saturday, March 24th.

    Keynote speaker is the Rev. J. Doug Stroment

    Author of “The Croak Book: Living with the End in Mind.” Doug started out as a Chemical Engineer, working for Celanese Chemical Company and then later, Fluor Engineering (1964-1975). Feeling the call to engage in a teaching ministry, he started a non-profit inter-denominational teaching ministry, “One in Christ, Inc.” following his graduation in 1978 with a Master of Divinity from Melodyland School of Theology. After 8 years of travelling around in an inter-denominational teaching ministry, he chose to be more closely connected with the personal lives of individuals. Accordingly, he returned for another year of Individual Theological Studies at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. Subsequently, he was sent to Corpus Christi to start a new congregation, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of West Texas. After 12 years at that location, he moved to San Antonio, Texas as the Rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church, where he served until he retired in 2006. Since retirement, he spends about half of his time in Angel Fire, New Mexico, where he and his wife have established “Bear Camp,” affectionately named by their grandkids.

    Workshop Topics:

    Creative Expression Panel Topics Will Include: (During Lunch)

    • Art: Your Wakened Path
    • Volunteering in schools
    • Photography
    • Stained glass

    Registration cost:

    $15 per person (will include lunch)
    $20 per person (will include lunch and a copy of “The Croak Book: Living with the End in Mind” written by our keynote speaker Rev. Stornment)

    Date: March 24, 2018
    Location: 3026 S. Staples – Corpus Christi

    Schedule of the day

    Speakers & Panelist

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