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  1. A Client Testimonial – Knee Care

    A testimonial; “Lisa and the trainers at Your Personal Best, are supportive, motivational and push us beyond our capabilities. They push us within a reasonable framework based on our initial abilities.  As a group, we are able to go farther than we thought capable because of the accountability factor.  We do not want to let ourselves down or our classmates down. We strive to accomplish what our trainers see our potential to be.

    ​​The trainers concentrate on a total body workout by strengthening core muscles for balance and longevity. Stimulating growth cells in bones and muscles and increasing our cardiovascular efficiency all the while monitoring our progress.  They also take into account any and all pre-existing conditions before designing a work out that best suits our goals.  As our capabilities increase, the intensity of our workouts increase.  Your Personal Best is the best training program that I have ever been associated with.  Absolutely.

    Exercise for Knee Surgery Preparation

    I have Had a series of physical checks at hospital and doctors over the past few days as you can imagine preparing for knee surgery…. since my annual physical in January….I have gone from 188.6 to 180.3, on the doctor office scale….my BP has changed from 186/84 to 136/76 and my total cholesterol has gone from 188 to 164.  Thanks to Your Personal Best and the 28 Day Challenge, morning mojo, eating plan, workout and mindset.  #livelongandprosper”   ~ David Kring, 58

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