1. What is Well Coaching?

    Well Coaching is a partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. The coach and client work together to develop a program that fits the client’s needs, values and visions while helping them overcome barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals.

    A Well Coach is someone who helps you become self motivated, provides unconditional support, identifies your strengths and helps you build upon them. You are assisted to find strategies to deal with your unique challenges and guided to discover creative solutions to achieve the results you want.

    Marcia Keener, our certified Well Coach at Your Personal Best can assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals.  Below are some testimonials from some of our clients that have found great success in utilizing these Well Coach services.


    Marcia is such a great fresh of breath air that she allows you to step back and reassess your situation. She has a great way of helping you reflect on your goals and figure structure into your life. I really feel like she is a “life coach” and I think her background lends itself that I would ask for her advice with other decision making situations.

    ~ Sandra Allison


    Marcia helped me by coaching me to eat more (6) and smaller meals.  Rethinking the meals and snacks I eat on the road, which are a lot.


    ~ Gary Kuusisto

     Marcia and I met this past Saturday, had a wonderful meeting. She is such a nice person, and I felt really comfortable talking with her. She already has my goals lined out that we discussed and I am starting work on that this week!

    Moving along and feeling great. Thanks for your help 🙂

    ~Kimberly Matzke


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  2. Imagine Wellness

     Marcia Keener – ACSM Wellness Coach

    What does wellness look like to you? Where are you now and how do you imagine life might be for you as a result of behavior changes surrounding nutrition, fitness, or stress management? What do you really want for your life?

    I began my wellness journey approximately five years ago when diagnosed with high blood pressure and was confronted with the news that my sugar and cholesterol numbers were very near the top of the normal range. I knew had the genetic predisposition for both of these conditions. I also knew that scientifically/medically speaking, genetic predisposition was responsible for approximately 30% of the reason I was now on high blood pressure medication and was very nearly a diabetic. The other 70% of the responsibility rested squarely on my shoulders. I am responsible for the choices I make with nutrition and physical activity. Those choices will determine my wellness future – how much my family history would affect my life. I then began to think about just that question: “What does wellness look like to me?” I began to imagine my life in an entirely different way. I wanted to feel good about myself and my choices rather than persecuting myself for bad choices. I wanted to feel joy and excitement about each day.  I wanted to feel good physically and be medication free. I wanted to be physically able to enjoy a variety of activities and keep up with my nieces and nephews, who are a significant part of my life. Without realizing it, I had created a personal Wellness Vision – I had imagined a new way of life. My journey toward Wellness and Wellness Coaching had begun. While the journey has been rocky, occasionally and I’ve had some false steps and detours- I could keep that vision in my mind and would always have that touchstone to which I could return. As we all are aware, we must first know where we want to go before we can determine the steps that are necessary to move toward that vision.

    What do you want for your wellness future? How would your life be different if you made positive changes in your fitness activities, your nutrition choices, or your stress management? What is getting in the way of reaching that vision? What would you be doing that you cannot do now? How would you be feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally? Creating a Wellness Vision is the tool with which I begin coaching each client. Just imagine!!!

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  3. What is Inversion Therapy?

    Terry Cobb

    Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down, in a head down position on an inversion platform. In theory, inversion therapy takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in your spine and increases the space between vertebrae. Inversion therapy is one example of the many ways in which stretching the spine (spinal traction) has been used in an attempt to relieve back pain.

    Some people find traction temporarily helpful as part of a more comprehensive treatment program for lower back pain caused by spinal disk compression. Although it has been helpful to some in easing low back pain, it isn’t safe for everyone. Certain positions, such as the head-down position could be risky for those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma.

    As with any new activity, especially inversion it is a good idea to start slow and stay at very mild angles for the first week or so. Most people will find the 40-45 degree position the angle they will use most often once they acclimate to the table.


    Find more information about the cons and pros of inversion therapy.

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  4. Tips to Keep You Motivated

    By Terry Cobb

    It can be daunting at times to stay motivated with our health and fitness. Minor setbacks can occur or boredom can set in. Motivation can wane. This is when we when we need to find a way to stay motivated. What are some things that can keep you, as a Your Personal Best client motivated? Here are a few tips:

    1.Remember all of your successes:

    Think of the times that you completed a tough project, event, or overcame a situation. What were you feeling? What inspired you then?  Try to remember all of the positive thoughts you had at that time.  If you have photos or other memorabilia of a race or event you succeeded in, get them out. Look at them again and remember! You can do it again.


    2. Set realistic, achievable goals: 

    Think about what you want to accomplish. Is it realistic? For example, you may want to run your first 5K. Set small, do-able goals that you can attain and gain a level of success with. Don’t start off thinking “I’ll go out and run 2 miles today”, if you have never ran before. Begin small. Begin with walking, then run a bit and work up to your 5K. These smaller, more attainable goals will give you the confidence you need to build on. Remember build success upon success!
    3. Determine and choose which workout routine is best for you:
    First, what are your fitness goals? Are you looking to become leaner, stronger or faster?   Maybe all three?   Whatever your goal, find the activities that are best suited to achieve that goal.  It’s also important to find those things that you “enjoy” doing. For example, do you prefer cycling, running or swimming? For your cardiovascular training, studies have shown that you will stick with what you enjoy doing the most. At Your Personal Best, we offer personalized one on one workout programs to help you reach those goals. There is something for everyone!
    4. Find a workout environment that you enjoy and caters to your needs:
    Here at Your Personal Best, we pride ourselves in creating a fun, safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. We have also created value added service by offering 30 minute workout sessions vs. the industry standard of 60 minute workouts. We also offer private kickboxing, aerobics, Yoga and Pilates, upon request-because YOU asked for it! We cater to you.
    5. Slip into your winning attitude before you get to the studio:
    Before you arrive for your workout, visualize a positive session. Use some self-talk to tell yourself what a great thing you are doing for you and anticipate your success! Think of all the positive aspects of working out: You are doing something good for yourself by relieving stress, creating  a healthy mind and body and you have achieved your goal for that day by completing your workout.
    6. If you need someone else to push you, consider a workout partner:
    Sometimes it helps to have another person who is matched to your fitness level to help push you. The camaraderie can be enjoyable, plus the accountability factor can give you the extra edge. You know your partner is there waiting for you, counting on you to workout with them. At Your Personal Best we offer Semi-Group training for four or less people. These groups have fun together, while getting fit. This can be a great way to keep you motivated!
    Remember, we here at Your Personal Best care and want to do all that we can to keep you motivated and achieving YOUR personal best!
    Read more about maintaining motivation.

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  5. Can I Do It?

    By Marcia Keener
    BBA Human Resources ACSM; Personal Trainer; AHA-CPR
    Specializing In: Wellness Coaching
    Email: marcia@ypbtrainingstudio.com

    “Can I do it?” This question is different from asking ourselves either of the following questions: “Should I do it?” or “Will I do it?”.

    When we realize that we are not feeling as well-physically, cannot do the things we used to do or our physician has given us an ultimatum, we may begin to contemplate making the behavioral changes necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle.   While coaching most of my clients, I have found that the answer to the question “Will I?” is determined by the question “Can I?”

    In the field of Behavioral Psychology, the belief that we have the capability to initiate or sustain a desired behavior is called self-efficacy. If we do not really believe we can sustain a healthy eating lifestyle, and then we stay mired in the Eat, Repent, Repeat Cycle (Am I Hungry? Michelle May, M.D.) Our yo-yo experience with both eating and/or fitness programs fuels the belief that “I can’t”.

    Wellness Coaching using proven Behavioral Psychology models can assist in working clients through a process of developing a positive Wellness Vision and short term SMART (specific, measureable, action-based, reasonable, time lined) goals which support that vision. It is important to identify and develop individual strengths, develop strategies to work through challenges or obstacles, and provide opportunities for success. This process allows clients to spiral upward to answer the basic question with “Yes, I can!” Once you decide in your own heart and mind that “you can”, then “you will!”

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  6. Slow Weight Loss

    Are you frustrated with slow weight loss? Of course fast weight loss is possible; but, is it healthy? Fast weight loss usually requires extraordinary efforts in diet and exercise that most people don’t even have time for. Fast weight loss often results in losing precious lean tissue and in lowering one’s metabolism and this is the least of the concerns.
    Slow weight loss is definitely the winner!
    I usually recommend 1.5 to 2 pounds per week as a healthy weight loss goal. The most common cliché we use is, “didn’t it take you a lot longer than this to gain the weight?’ We’re not being mean, just trying to help our clients to be realistic. You see, 1 pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. So to lose 1 pound a week, you need to burn 500 more calories than you eat each day (500 calories x 7 days = 3,500 calories).
    It takes a fine balance of calories “in” (your diet) vs. calories “out” (your activity) to burn 3500 calories in a week. Any more than this and you are not losing the weight (fat) that you want to lose. Fitness professionals, a Dr., or spiritual guide usually fit in well here.
    The nutshell is; this isn’t easy! Most clients get into the shape they are in from not paying attention or from giving something else their attention. Isn’t this true?
    • You’re waiting to get out of college or for the kids to grow up.
    • You have a pending procedure ahead of you and you want to wait until that is over.
    • The holidays are coming.
    • Your spouse wouldn’t understand or support you.
    • Add your own excuse here_________________________
    TODAY is the rest of your life. Your life is NOW every second of every minute. You were designed to breathe hard and to process foods from their natural state. NO ONE can do this for you. Be consistent without expectations. You already are perfect and you already possess the body you want (albeit with a little extra fluff)!
    Begin your slow weight loss TODAY! One meal at a time one workout at a time and by all means spend the money to get a professional to help you! Investing in your health invests in the health of the universe! YOU are an expression of the ONE and when you begin to take care of yourself, it increases the health of ALL.
    Have you ever heard this before? Is this crazy? If you believe in your connectivity to ALL things then this will begin to make sense to you. You don’t have to do anything else BEFORE this one thing, it’s been all backwards. This one thing: The care of YOUR Body, Mind and Spirit is the MOST important one thing there is that you can DO!
    It’s slow, I know. And I know that with the help of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ, YOU can lose the unhealthy weight you’ve been carrying around in so many ways!

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  7. SMART Goals

    What is so Smart about SMART Goals?
    By Marcia Keener, ACSM Wellness Coach


    S          Specific

    M        Measurable

    A         Action oriented

    R         Reasonable

    T         Time line


    In my last post, I talked about the need to develop the confidence that will help to sustain a behavior change. I introduced the notion of the SMART goal as one method I use with my clients to assist in building confidence in his/her ability to change behavior.  Often clients will jump into a new exercise and/or nutrition program with great enthusiasm, attempting to make significant changes in a short time. While this process may work for some, and even most of us in the short term, it rarely results in long term, sustainable lifestyle changes. SMART goals allow my clients to integrate change into their lives in steps, which allow for greater opportunity for success.

    What does a SMART goal look like exactly? Some would say that a goal stating “I will lose 25 lbs in three weeks” would qualify. It is Specific – 25 lb weight loss. It is also Measurable – 25 lbs. It is also Time lined – 3 weeks. However, our goal falls short at this point. A three week time frame for losing 25 lbs is not Reasonable nor is it Action oriented. This is a goal which would be difficult to reach and would not likely bring success, which builds confidence.   A SMART goal would be: “I will do resistance training with a Functional Aging Specialist two times per week for 30 min on M/W from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.” This goal is very Specific. It is Measurable. It is Action oriented, rather than results oriented. It is also Reasonable and has a very specific Time line.  Paired with a nutrition goal to support this training, the result would be fat loss/muscle gain. Smart? Yes!

    As the current goals are met each week, new goals are established which build on success and establish growing levels of challenge. Contact me to assist you in creating your SMART goals which will support you on your wellness/fitness journey.

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