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  1. An Interview with Carla R. Mancari

    An Interview with Carla R. Mancari For Christmas 2011 we gave many of our clients Diet for the Soul in response to the need in many of their lives to find “quiet time”.  As we continuously push our aging client base to be more active and achieve balance in their lives, we also wish encourage […]

  2. Fear of Change in the New Year

    by Lisa Wright, CFT, LCI …and take this quiz from Fitness Magazine To change your body would mean to experience a sense of physical or emotional difference in appearance or feeling. For many reasons, you may have come to believe that you NEED to make a change and you just don’t. Fear may be a […]

  3. One Minute Fitness

      A Heart Centered Prayer Practice By Lisa Wright, CFT, LCI Spiritual Teacher/Guide Fitness in a minute or less, two times per day – it’s true! What mental talk is keeping you from your fitness? Are you too busy or tired? Is it too hot/cold, too much money or too much trouble? Do you even […]

  4. Slow Weight Loss

    Are you frustrated with slow weight loss? Of course fast weight loss is possible; but, is it healthy? Fast weight loss usually requires extraordinary efforts in diet and exercise that most people don’t even have time for. Fast weight loss often results in losing precious lean tissue and in lowering one’s metabolism and this is […]

  5. Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

    Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? 7 Good Reasons to Participate in Physical Activity Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? From boosting your mood to improving your sex life, find out how to benefit from good old-fashioned exercise.The benefits of regular physical activity — range from preventing […]

  6. Commit To Your Fitness & Health

    Lisa Wright You’ve heard me say it before, “You are not your body”! This sounds funny coming from a fitness professional. I’m learning this through hard sought after balance in my own life. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. Commitment is that which gives you permission to agree with yourself to adhere to […]

  7. Body Mind Spirit Connection and Weight Loss

    There are many diets on the market, exercise programs, diet pills, etc…At Your Personal Best Training Studio, one of our core values Unity supports the truth we’ve come to know beyond the body. Simply put, we are not our bodies! Do we have a responsibility to our bodies? I believe we do…… Unlike most blogs […]

  8. Spiritual Retreat

    Back to work after a three day Contemplative Invitation Prayer retreat, I am reminded to share with you the spiritual aspect of health and fitness in my own life. For over five years, I’ve attended various different retreats as part of what I believe to be a whole and healthy lifestyle. Alone or with others, […]

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