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  1. Fighting Fat with These Great Tasting Lunch Ideas

    Today I’ve got 5 super simple and delicious fat fighting lunch ideas for you. Please be sure to let me know which one is your favorite. All of them will fill you up and tantalize your taste-buds! 5 Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas Lunch is definitely one of those meals where people often have th […]

  2. Pomegranate, Papaya, and Arthritis

    Could osteoarthritis be brought to its knees by a simple fruit? First of all, Researchers aren’t making that declaration just yet. But they have found signs that natural compounds called antioxidants in pomegranates may thwart osteoarthritis.Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, with more than 20 million patients in the U.S., according to the […]

  3. Tex-Mex Mini Meat Loaves

    Ingredients: Nonstick cooking spray 1 lb. ground turkey breast ¾ cup rolled oats ½ cup mild red salsa ¼ cup snipped fresh cilantro 
2 egg whites 
2 tsp chili powder 
1 ½ tsp ground cumin ¾ mild chunky salsa 
½ cup low fat cheddar cheese Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly spray 12 cup […]

  4. Greek Yogurt

    by Sandy Todd Webster   Food for Thought: Generally speaking, yogurt is a healthy food standout, but Greek yogurt—opa! Now there’s a superstar and a party pleaser! Until a few years ago, you really had to search for this ingredient, but it’s been popularized on cooking shows and emphasized so much in healthy food preparation […]

  5. What They NEVER Told You About Eggs

    Egg: a three letter word that invokes almost as much fear into the hearts of Americans as the word F-A-T. However, it’s finally time to crack the misconception that eggs are bad for our health, because they’re absolutely not. It’s unfortunate, but many people still think that you cannot eat more than one egg per day...

  6. Spinach Cheddar Squares Recipe

    I really enjoy preparing egg dishes with vegetables like this one with spinach. I will often prepare a dish as this on Sunday afternoon, let it cool and divide into portions. This is a perfect grab-n-go dish on my way out the door for work and tastes good to me, heated or cold. A mixed […]

  7. Fight Belly Fat with these Four Wild Substances

    Slimming Foods Most of us don’t just want to lose “weight”. We want to lose body fat. This is what really concerns us, cosmetically speaking, at least. Body fat, referred to by scientists as adipose tissue, is the stuff that can hide shapely, defined muscles from view, make your clothes fit awkwardly (or not at […]

  8. Chowder and Turkey Taco Skillet

    Have I ever told you that one of my favorite sources for meal planning is the Woman’s Day Month of Menus? I noticed this month (March 2011), than many of the dinner suggestions are low fat and include the recipes. New England Seafood Chowder With the weather beginning to warm up and still cool nights, I […]

  9. Wheatgrass as a Diet Supplement

    Wheatgrass Other common name(s): couchgrass, wheatgrass diet, agropyron Scientific/medical name(s): Triticum aestivum (subspecies of the family Poaceae) Wheatgrass has been promoted to treat a number of conditions including the common cold, coughs, bronchitis, fevers, infections, and inflammation of the mouth and throat. In folk medicine, practitioners used wheatgrass to treat cystitis, gout, rheumatic pain, chronic […]

  10. Just in Time for Spring Break!

    Ingredients: ice 8 oz White Rum 1/2 Cup Light Coconut Milk 1/2 Cup Pineapple Juice Blender Instructions: Fill blender halfway with ice, add 4 tall shots (about 8 oz) white rum, ½ cup light coconut milk, and ½ cup pineapple juice; blend until smooth. Pour into 4 glasses and garnish each with a pineapple slice. Each drink has […]

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