Functional Aging

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  1. Replace the Salt Shaker

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  2. Food Is Medicine

    Downloadable Mp3 File ( Quivering voice is  “Brisk” walking/talking at the same time!) Many of you who follow my blogs and follow my e-newsletter know that I have a couple of new tools and I’m pretty excited about them. One is the Weight Management University and the other one is the MAP System, MAP standing […]

  3. 15+ Flavors? NO Way!

    Supplementing with a Protein bar once a day is an important part of my nutrition plan for eating healthy. I just discovered Quest bars at the IDEA World Fitness Convention and they are my new favorite! Apparently they have been around for awhile as Juan found them at HEB. With 15+ flavors to choose from, we […]

  4. Blueberry-Spinach Smoothie

    By Lisa Wright, CFT Ingredients:  *1½ cups coconut water 1 T lemon juice ½ C plain low-fat yogurt, preferably Greek-style 1 C packed baby spinach 2 T unsalted almonds 1 T honey ½ t almond extract ⅔ C frozen blueberries Directions: Place all ingredients into a blender in the order listed, and blend until smooth, […]

  5. Do You Know What Your Basal Metabolic Rate Is?

    By Terry Cobb, CPT-CES Lisa and I had a very good conversation this morning around caloric intake and the need for people to realize that drastically cutting calories,  does their body a grave disservice.  We were discussing our new Weight Management program and the great information found in the manuals the participants will receive.   BMR […]

  6. Top Mistakes We Make When Grocery Shopping

    Mistake #1: You go to the grocery store following a workout. Most of us have heard the old adage about not grocery shopping when we’re already hungry, right?  But what about after a workout?  Oftentimes we are ravenous after working out.  By the time you have cooled down and got your shopping cart, guess what?  […]

  7. Post Holiday Suggestions From Your Veteran YPB Fitness Professionals.

    We have had a few questions arise from one of our YPB clients this past month.  Now that the holidays are over, Martha had some very good questions regarding post holiday health and some ways to burn off those extra calories.   She asks, “What could I have done differently?” “What can I do to get […]

  8. Which Foods Cause Inflammation and Why Is It So Important?

    By Terry Cobb-CPT, CES According to the statistics from the World Health Organization, about 12.9 million people worldwide died from some form of cardiovascular disease in 2004. And each year, the World Cancer Research Fund estimated that some eight million people died from cancer. Heart disease and cancer, the deadly manifestation of chronic inflammation, are […]

  9. Lunch Roll-Up Wraps

    We recently served these at our open house and they were an absolute hit. These roll-ups are a quick, easy, no-cook lunch or snack item that will please the whole family. — Ingredients Whole wheat tortillas or flatbread Your choice of mustard (we used Dijon, Regular & Jalapeno mustards) Spinach leaves Low sodium Turkey breast […]

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