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  1. November Thoughts & 3 Week Extras

    3 Week Extras – Perform 100 rope jumps during 2 minutes of your usual “rest” time.  Add a penalty of 3 rope jumps for each rope jump shorted (if any) – AFTER the workout. IOW (In Other Words), if you only get 50 of the prescribed 100, you are to add 150 rope jumps after […]

  2. Do You Know What Your Basal Metabolic Rate Is?

    By Terry Cobb, CPT-CES Lisa and I had a very good conversation this morning around caloric intake and the need for people to realize that drastically cutting calories,  does their body a grave disservice.  We were discussing our new Weight Management program and the great information found in the manuals the participants will receive.   BMR […]

  3. They Like Spiders Too!

      Halloween candy is yummy, but kids like spiders too…spider rings that is!  The truth is; although kids love to get candy, many of them would like just as much to get some cool new Halloween pencils or pens, spooky stickers, tattoos, or spider rings.     Or, you might even try one of these […]

  4. Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Medicine

    Chiropractic medicine focuses on musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. Care is directed mainly at reducing back, neck and joint pain, as well as headaches.  Chiropractic medicine offers numerous benefits to patients, including drug-free treatment for chronic and acute pain that is both safe and effective. It also focuses on hands-on therapeutic procedures, rehabilitative exercises, and […]

  5. Menopause and Spontaneous Exercise

    As we women age, most of us will inevitably enter into a new phase of life.  Menopause.  Ahhhh….Some would define menopause as “the end of menses”.  Others, “the change”.  One client described it a bit more colorfully.  She called it her “personal summer” while she was having a major hot flash!  Regardless of what word […]

  6. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for Injury Treatment

    Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation Courtesy of the National Athletic Trainers Alliance R = Rest Resting an injured area is necessary to allow the body time to get the effects of the trauma under control and avoid additional stress and damage to the injured tissue. The period of rest required will vary depending on the severity of the injury […]

  7. Ice or Heat?

    Ice or Heat? Should you use Ice or Heat for Pain and Inflammation? By Lisa Wright, CFT-LCI The following guidelines may help you sort it out. Acute and Chronic Pain There are two basic types of athletic injuries: acute and chronic. Acute Pain is of rapid onset and short-lived. Chronic Pain develops slowly and is […]

  8. An Interview with Podiatrist – Dr. Al Kline

      As we continuously push our aging client base to be more active, we want to provide the best information we can for them and our readers. Industry leader of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery and cycling friend, Dr. Al Kline recently allowed an interview with us. A big thank you to him for allowing us […]

  9. Is alcohol making me fat?

    A very timely question, we have been asked frequently around the Studio these days.   Now that the holidays are over, we are all trying to get back to our healthier eating and drinking routines.  No doubt around the holidays most of us indulged a bit more than we usually do.  More parties, dinners and socializing.  […]

  10. Correct Posture in the New Year

    Always be aware of your posture!  Correct standing posture is: Stomach in, Chest up, Shoulders back and Knees soft. Stomach in:  What does that really mean?  This means that you should pull your abdominal muscles into your spine.  Think about introducing your belly button to your spine, this has to be practiced as many people […]

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