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  1. Semi Group Training Workout

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, many of our clients enjoy training in small groups of 3 – 6 people. These small groups we call a SEMIs and typically run from 40 minutes to 1 hour. With over 11 weekly SEMI groups to choose from, workouts are divided into 20 minute segments that include strength […]

  2. Best Jump Ropes for Your Fat Loss Workouts

    I’ve used virtually every rope out there and so have my clients and even though it seems like a simple piece of equipment all the styles are very different and have pros and cons. Read about them below so you can find the best rope for your needs. Beaded Jump Rope is the one most […]

  3. Boost Fat Loss & Endurance with Jump Rope Exercises

    Jump rope exercises are great for fat loss, endurance, and coordination. They also tone the entire body, especially the abs, arms, legs, and feet. If you enjoyed jumping rope as a kid then you’ll be happy to know that it’s just like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it and its still […]

  4. The Bucket List

    In the 2007 movie The Bucket List, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson play terminally ill patients who escape the hospital ward to complete adventures on their “bucket list.” Most people can connect with the concept of a bucket list—the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”—because no one wants to die with […]

  5. 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Kickboxing Training

    It’s fun. If you want success with any exercise program, its got to motivate you to get off the couch on a regular basis. Kickboxing training is fun, punching – kicking – bobbing and weaving, and it makes you feel strong and confident. It’s a great way to burn calories either at home with a […]

  6. Innovation

    We reach outside of our community for “cutting edge” knowledge to facilitate our client’s dramatic results. We incorporate the four tiers of human movement through the use of traditional, functional, core and balance training. The central meaning of innovation relates to renewal or improvement. At Your Personal Best Training Studio we know that in order […]

  7. Semi Group Training Workout 1

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, many of our clients enjoy training in small groups of 2 -4 people called SEMIs. These workouts are typically divided into 20 minute segments and may run from 30 minutes to one hour. Workout week 1 focuses on building stamina, strength, as well as core stability. You must warm-up before […]

  8. Can you handle the truths?

    When it comes to weight loss there are rules and there are truths.  Rules are like guidelines that you follow.  They usually work and at times can and should be broken for even better weight loss results.  Truths on the other hand are like laws.  When you ignore them you end up in big trouble […]

  9. 12 Lifestyle Tips To Get Lean On!

    1.      Post a recent photo of yourself in your office or home to serve as a gauge for your progress and to keep you motivated.   2.      Eat healthy breakfast. A high-protein, healthy-carbohydrate breakfast will help keep you full longer and set the metabolic pace for the day.   3.      Hydrate. Water is essential for promoting satiety […]

  10. Lunge Alternatives for Knee Issues

    Many clients come to us claiming to have really bad knees. Many of the otherwise GREAT exercises that involve bending or stressing the knee are something many cannot do – even a little. They’re looking for core and upper body exercises that will help them burn fat without using their knees.Aerobic exercise such as spinning, […]

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