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  1. November Thoughts & 3 Week Extras

    3 Week Extras – Perform 100 rope jumps during 2 minutes of your usual “rest” time.  Add a penalty of 3 rope jumps for each rope jump shorted (if any) – AFTER the workout. IOW (In Other Words), if you only get 50 of the prescribed 100, you are to add 150 rope jumps after […]

  2. Build a Home Gym

    Must-Have Equipment for Your Dream Home Gym What equipment do you imagine having in your home to exercise with? Which items would add the most challenge and variety to your workouts with your trainer? One of our favorite organizations, IDEA’s members, authors, presenters and fitness professionals (at large) were surveyed and polled about equipment they […]

  3. Lose Weight Fast

    Lose Weight Fast Your Body’s  Defense Mechanism Against Dieting for Starvation By Terry Cobb- CPT, CES Do you have a special event like a class reunion or vacation that you’ve been looking forward to for some time, but wish you were a few pounds lighter?  The event is three or four weeks away and you […]

  4. Crossfit: Over 40? The Pros and Cons

    There has been a lot of talk about Crossfit and the controversy that surrounds this popular workout routine.  What is Crossfit?  Crossfit is a popular training style built around a “Workout of the Day” (WOD), published daily on the Crossfit site.  The workouts of the day are named after women or men for some reason, […]

  5. An Interview with Dawn English, Triathlon Coach

          Several of our clients have recently taken up running and have been interested in running, biking and/or swimming competitively.   As we continuously push our aging client base to be more active, we want to provide the best information we can for them and our readers.  Industry leader,  triathlon coach, wife and mother,  Dawn […]

  6. Top 10 Motivational Quotes

    We recently posted a poll asking for feedback on the best motivational quotes.  Here are the top 10: 1.  Only exercise the body you want to keep 2. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape 3.  Nike’s “Just Do It” 4.  Pain is weakness leaving the body 5.  Does […]

  7. A Frequently Asked Question by Beginner Runners

    As a beginner runner, you probably have a lot of questions. Beach to Bay Relay Marathon is just around the corner and now is the time to get acclimated to running outside. The weather climbed to almost 80 today. Get outside now so you can handle it as it gets even hotter in the coastal […]

  8. Gardening Workout

    Click on image for gardening workout! Spring is Here! The best part of spring? Gardening! Get your garden ready and workout at the same time! Simple gardening like raking, fertilizing, weeding  and mowing can all give you a workout. This Spring-Workout shows you three different levels of activities! What are you waiting for? The weather is perfect to […]

  9. Top 10 Medicine Ball Exercises – Workout

    The idea of completing an entire total-body workout using nothing more than an 8-pound medicine ball may not seem intimidating. But consider: This 10-exercise routine is the same one that University of North Carolina strength and conditioning coach Jonas Sahratian uses to whip the Tar Heels into championship-game shape. It’s designed to help you build […]

  10. 200 Healthy Calories IN/OUT

    Celebrating our 200 + Facebook Fans Thank you for all the ways that you engage our social media efforts. If all else fails, enlist a trainer. If you’re tired of the same old routine, hire a personal trainer for 1-3 sessions to help you come up with some fun and creative moves that you enjoy […]

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