1. Fitness Professionals

    We will work with you to design a fitness approach concentrating on nutrition, aerobic exercise and the development and maintenance of muscle tissue. Many services are available to help you achieve the results necessary for your permanent healthy lifestyle. GUARANTEED!

  2. Do You Need a Fitness Professional?

    Owner/Fitness Professional     Fitness Professional           Fitness Professional
    ………..Lisa G. Wright                   Marcia Keener                   Juan Guerrero

    …..Fitness Professional   ………Fitness Professional  …….Administrator/Marketing
    ……………Jay Luna                     Charlotte Valdez                   Michelle Castro

    How do you know if a Fitness Professional is right for you?
    If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then you may benefit from working with the fitness professionals at Your Personal Best Training Studio:

    • Are you ready to change your life and improve your health?
    • Do you know what you need to do but don’t know where to start?
    • Do you want to feel better, look better and enjoy life more?
    • Have you tried and failed in the past?
    • Are you feeling discouraged over your past failures and afraid to try again?
    • Whether your sincere desire is to lose weight, improve your current state of health, prevent a chronic illness or just enjoy life more, a fitness professional can help you achieve significant and lasting lifestyle change. Guaranteed!

    How Are We Different?
    Unlike physicians, fitness professionals want to treat your “health” and take a synergistic approach.  Beginning with a body composition and fitness analysis we make recommendations regarding your right nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise and all with a concern for your muscle. Should a wellness coach be the order for the day then you will examine your life as a whole, not just your current health concerns.  Together, we’ll explore all the factors impacting your life, from your environment to your relationships, your work life to leisure time, your health and habits, as well as your finances to your spiritual life.  If you choose our wellness coaching professional services, Marcia will be beside you every step of the way, supporting you, encouraging you and challenging you as you change and grow.  You’ll discover what a truly unique and special person you are, as well as your unlimited potential to achieve your goals and desires and live the life you dream of!

    Are you ready to take the first step of your journey?  Contact us today and schedule your body composition and fitness analysis.  Call us at 361.857.5087!

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  3. Why I Became a Personal Trainer

    With college experience in the field of Floriculture/Horticulture, this is a very good question. After working as a florist/wedding consultant for almost 20 years, the family business shut down and a precious relationship with a best girlfriend broke up. My daughters were young and my husband was working a lot. I began to suffer with anxiety in the form of panic attacks and was medicated. I hated it! At 35 years old, my energy was shot!

    I’ve always been physically active, horses as a teen, jet skis in my 20’s, running and body building in my 30’s, ½ marathons in my 40’s and cycling events at 50. The running in my 30’s led me to a gym when the cold was more than I cared for. Running and eventually lifting weights relieved anxiety and I was able to manage the anxiety and get off the meds. Exercise, simply put, became my “drug of choice”.

    I earned the name “gym rat” and my first certification was as an aerobics instructor teaching step, partner step and water aerobics. My heart often reached out to the least fit on the back row or in the back of the room. I would stay after class to motivate, encourage and give nutritional advice to anyone who thought I could help them. I thought I was too old to be a personal trainer.

    Certifying through the International Sports Science Association was the biggest leap I’d ever taken since college toward a total career change. The ladies on the back row of my aerobics classes? They became my first personal training clients along with their spouses and family members. For 9 month I worked in a public facility. Soon, I gutted a 1,000 foot garage with attached apartment, bought used equipment and began Your Personal Best Training Studio with 8 regular clients in a home studio gym behind our home.

    As my business has grown, so has my sense of the spirit in the body and mind connection. It is clear to me that what I do for a living is a ministry. I have a regular meditation practice that completely keeps the anxiety at bay. Now, I exercise for the sheer joy of it and as a Fitness Professional, encourage others to do the same.


    “Like” us on Facebook and receive a 1/2 OFF Coupon for a Body Composition and Fitness Analysis!

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