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  1. No More Excuses!

    People who don’t work out always have a reason why.  But except for a very few people who truly cannot exercise, these reasons are thin excuses. Working out is hard.  It takes time, energy and sometimes gut-wrenching motivation and will power.  Some days it is easy, but many days it is not.  Fit people work […]

  2. Commitment

    Downloadable Mp3 File The missing component is commitment. I’m on my way back to Corpus Christi from a quick visit to Austin, to see my husband and my daughter and her family. It’s January the 18th and, I have yet to write a newsletter this year because, after all these years in the fitness industry […]

  3. The Tennis Ball Workout For Range Of Motion

    Fascia Release Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels, nerves and organs.  Fascia binds these structures together and allows for them to slide smoothly over one another.  If the fascia surrounding the muscles is tight or dry, it will affect a person’s flexibility and even cause injury. When a person is experiencing […]

  4. Are You Afraid to Squat?

      I am often told, “Squatting hurts my knees” and yet, we can’t avoid this fundamental human movement. Think of how many times you do these movements during the day. Get up from a chair, couch or the potty Pick something up off the ground Get out of a car Get out of bed Being […]

  5. Exercise Routine To Build A Better Body For Cycling

    Spending countless hours in the saddle is not really enough anymore to cycle in the top third of your pack or take a turn leading the pace lines on long distance rides. Fact is, what you do indoors is just as important as “time in the saddle” outdoors. To get in the best biking shape […]

  6. A Training Program for Water Sports

    Surfing requires strong shoulders and arms for paddling out to the waves, and core strength and balance for riding them back to shore. Do these five exercises three times a week for a month before your trip. On alternate days, try to get in at least 20 minutes of swimming and 20 minutes of jogging/rope […]

  7. Postural Deficiencies and Corrective Exercises

    To gain correct posture we must learn how and what effects our posture. Posture is the alignment and position your body adopts at any given moment based on what your brain is telling it to do. A good way to think of posture is that it is your ‘default’ position at any moment. If you […]

  8. Joint Loaded Walking

    Lose Weight, Save Your Joints The body weight x 1.7 = the load on the joint Decrease the body weight 10 pounds x 1.7 = a decreased load of 17 pounds on the joint. Decrease the body weight 20 pounds x 1.7 = a decreased load of 34 pounds on the joint. Decrease the body […]

  9. Small Group Training

    Difference Between Small and Large Group Training There are a number of differences between the “small” group training and the “’large” group training models. With small group training, the level of difficulty is increased because each client has individual needs and limitations that we as trainers have to take into consideration. With large group training, most individuals don’t […]

  10. Quick and Challenging 35 Minute Workout

    By Terry Cobb, CPT-CES Warm up for 5 minutes: Jumping Jacks 1 minute Squats 1 minute Kettle Ball or Dumbbell Swings 1 minute Jumping Jacks 1 minute Squats 1 minute Equipment:  Cardio Machine & Stability Ball Cardio: Perform Tabata Drill three times for a total of 18 minutes: Using a treadmill, cycle or elliptical machine […]

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