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  1. Diary of a Successful Client!

    Valerie is one of our extraordinary clients because of her mind set, determination and discipline. I honestly could not let another month go by without sharing some of her Facebook posts with you.

  2. A Client Shares …

    My name is John Keys, 55+. I have dropped a lot of cholesterol in the last six months. I just had a physical this past week, as a matter of fact, so the numbers all look good there. I've been feeling stronger.

  3. Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!

    Wanted to give a SHOUT out to these WINNERS! Love on them by sharing their success with you! Let you know how we change the way Corpus Christi ages. 34 participants (over 50 years old) just finished up the YPB New Year’s 6 Week Transformation Challenge that’s been going on in the studio. I’ve been tallying […]

  4. Client Success Story

    This 62 year old, 4th grade school teacher lost nearly 10 lbs. of fat, took over 3” off her waist and reduced her overall body composition by 2.7% in just 6 weeks! She even maintained this success through a trip.

  5. Andrew

    A Former Client Testimonial

    Some of you may not know it but we used to train anyone who came our way, young and old. Andrew Mason-Leister spent some time in my studio years ago and has remained a loyal Facebook and newsletter follower ever since.

  6. A Client Testimonial – Knee Care

    "Lisa and the trainers at Your Personal Best, are supportive, motivational and push us beyond our capabilities."

  7. Janine’s Success Story

    55 year old personal training client shares her health and fitness success in ONLY 6 weeks!

  8. My endorsement goes to …

    I give Dr. Deborah Carver-Hodges my FULL endorsement!

  9. A Longtime Client Shares Why

    Carol has been with my training studio for 14 years and I wanted to kick off 2016 with her amazing story in her very own words!

  10. Decision brought Client AMAZING Results … in ONLY 7 Weeks!

    I just love telling my readers about our clients who do really committed things and receive amazing results! Here is how Amy did it..

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