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  1. Andrew

    A Former Client Testimonial

    Some of you may not know it but we used to train anyone who came our way, young and old. Andrew Mason-Leister spent some time in my studio years ago and has remained a loyal Facebook and newsletter follower ever since.

  2. A Client Testimonial – Knee Care

    "Lisa and the trainers at Your Personal Best, are supportive, motivational and push us beyond our capabilities."

  3. Janine’s Success Story

    55 year old personal training client shares her health and fitness success in ONLY 6 weeks!

  4. My endorsement goes to …

    I give Dr. Deborah Carver-Hodges my FULL endorsement!

  5. A Longtime Client Shares Why

    Carol has been with my training studio for 14 years and I wanted to kick off 2016 with her amazing story in her very own words!

  6. Decision brought Client AMAZING Results … in ONLY 7 Weeks!

    I just love telling my readers about our clients who do really committed things and receive amazing results! Here is how Amy did it..

  7. CLIENT’S Longevity with YPB all started with this ….

    Jenny made an appointment for a body composition and fitness analysis and has been here ever since.

  8. A Client Success Story

    Mary Joe Cranny Fitness Professional, Juan Guerrero trains a successful client Mary Joe Cranny. Trainer and client together have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve her new Personal Best. Let her story, as told by her trainer, motivate you to overcome any obstacles that may be keeping you from being physically active and achieving YOUR […]

  9. A Client Success Story

    Bea I’ve shared Bea’s success story with you in the past and heard from her just last week. She trusted me with her health and fitness and was very motivated by a few simple words. In the beginning … Bea started training at Your Personal Best back in January 2012. As Executive Director of the […]

  10. SMART Goals

    SMART goals allow my clients to integrate change into their lives in steps, which allow for greater opportunity for success.

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