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  1. A Pleasant Surprise…

    Sometimes life can bring us some pleasant surprises, and in some cases, it can be life changing.  Rebecca Huerta is a client who came in with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised as soon as she started training with us. Read her story here

  2. Mary’s Results are Impressive!

    Let's not take inspiration lightly; a good dose of motivation can genuinely change someone for the better. Mary Connors is an absolute model of what we inspire people to do. She is incredibly dedicated, works hard, and has had some AMAZING results.

  3. A Setback is Just a Bump in the Road!

    Gina Hoff is one of the most motivated clients we have.  She is a 68 year old great grandmother who has a number of goals that keep her going.  Not only is she a great grandmother but she also works full time and never misses any of her work out sessions at our studio. 

  4. Client said “NO” at first …

    Doris Casarez has been coming to us since January 2018. She had not been exercising for a while and didn’t really know where to start until she found us on Facebook. She instantly fell in love with how different and effective our Functional Aging workouts. Read her full story

  5. Karen Gains Balance and Coordination!

    It brings us great joy knowing that clients can come to us and experience success in as little as 6 weeks and trust us to help them get closer to their ultimate goals.  Karen Haug started with YPB on one of our quarterly challenge offers;  Little Black Dress and has decided to stay with us on a longer term basis because...

  6. Husband gets RESULTS!

    It is no secret that people look for all sorts of reasons not to workout or not to come into the studio and give us a try but the time is now. Lisa’s husband John, finally decided to commit to a program and stick to it and the results have been AMAZING!

  7. Client Fitness Success

    At Your Personal Best, we not only help people over 50 years old to move better, feel better and age actively but we also have a number of clients who have experienced career changes because of us! Meet Jerry Simpson

  8. Gifting Yourself Balance – A YPB Client Sharing

    One of the most important aspects of moving better, feeling better and aging actively is BALANCE! YPB client Dan Baen, 66, has experienced significant improvement with his balance since he invested in his health and fitness.

  9. A YPB Client Shout Out

    Meet one of our newest clients, 84 year old Anthea Aitken. Already, Anthea is dedicated, hard working and has committed long term to our 30 in training sessions a couple of times per week to help her realize her dream of actively reaching 100+. We've decided to start early following her story and think you should join us.

  10. Client Dreams Big!

    Inspire MD Coastal Bend Medical Magazine recently featured Lynae’s life success story as their cover article. This article is a MUST read

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