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  1. How Fitness Improves Physical Intimacy

    Sex isn't just for the young. Many seniors continue to enjoy their sexuality into their 80s and beyond! People who are in better physical condition experience greater physical intimacy

  2. Dancing and Fitness Go Together for More than Just ‘The Stars’

    Like any cardiovascular activity, dancing is good for your heart. It also improves strength, balance, and coordination. Thirty minutes of dancing will burn about the same number of calories as jogging, WebMD says. Plus, remembering the choreography engages our brains in ways that help maintain cognitive health, as well.

  3. For Heart Health, Dogs Are Our Best Friends

    If you have a dog, here’s one more reason to love him. And if you don’t, here’s one more reason to get one.

  4. Here’s my step-by-step plan for you

    Is your body as healthy as you want it to be? Do you feel and move the way you want to over 50 years old?  If not, then I’ve got a step-by-step plan to get you into your best shape ever…

  5. Feel Like Quitting? Betty Franks, 83, Shows the Power of Sticking with Fitness — No Matter What

    Betty’s story is a great example of the power of sticking with exercise, even when it can be tempting to give up.

  6. Pickleball Is Growing among Athletes over 50: It’s Fun, Simple and A Good Workout

    Pickleball might have a goofy name. But it might be the fastest-growing sport in America, and it has particular appeal to people over 50

  7. When Neuropathy Threatened Her Hobby, She Beat It Back with Exercise

    About 30 million Americans have “peripheral neuropathy,” regular exercise and proper diet also help prevent it. And even after diagnosis, exercise can help reduce the pain of neuropathy and help fight other symptoms.

  8. 5 Habits of the Fit and Healthy

    Being fit and healthy is all about the lifestyle, and not the quick fix, so let’s take a glimpse at the habits that fit people have. These following five habits are held by successfully fit people at any age! Let’s see if you could apply some to your own life.

  9. Fight Serious Illness the BEST Way

    Our friend James has learned that depression and AFib are common, serious problems for people over 50 and how to fight these disease.

  10. The Power of Consistency

    What did you do on the Fourth of July? Apply the inspiration of two gentlemen (over 70-years-old) to your gym workouts, yoga practices, golf game – whatever you enjoy now and want to continue enjoying.

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