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  1. Biggest Fitness Secret Revealed

    We’ve just returned from the FAI Workshop and Summit in Phoenix, AR and have many things to share with you. Today I’m going to share with you something huge. In fact, I believe that this is the biggest secret to attaining that healthy and fit body you’ve been after for so many years. If you’re […]

  2. Replace the Salt Shaker

    There are several ways to replace salt without sacrificing flavor. Try this homemade salt substitute below for a convenient way to use less salt.

  3. Salads That Are Good For You

    It's easier to eat a plant-rich diet if you have a stable lick of the-the-bowl-clean salad recipes. Here are three recipes that make four hearty side salads or a quick, scrumptious meal for two.

  4. Why do BOTH?

    Aerobic vs. Anaerobic exercise put simply AND why do BOTH? So … you want a fat burning, NOT a fat storing metabolism. Fat burns off the body in the presence of oxygen. Oxygenated muscles occur with exercise. – Metabolism is the amount of energy our bodies require and burn during one day. – Aerobic metabolism […]

  5. Food Is Medicine

    Many of you who follow my blogs and follow my e-newsletter know that I have a couple of new tools and I’m pretty excited about them. One is the Weight Management University and the other one is the MAP System, MAP standing for Meal and Activity Planner.

  6. How to Organize Your Home Workout Space

    If you workout at home a few days a week, then, one of the most important factors is your home workout space. If it is inviting and well thought out, you will be more likely to use it.

  7. The Tennis Ball Workout For Range Of Motion

    Fascia Release Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels, nerves and organs.  Fascia binds these structures together and allows for them to slide smoothly over one another.  If the fascia surrounding the muscles is tight or dry, it will affect a person’s flexibility and even cause injury. When a person is experiencing […]

  8. What is the best way to lose fat?

    The simple (and complex) answer is that there is no “best way” to lose fat. Each client will respond differently to our training programs.

  9. Are You Afraid to Squat?

    I am often told, “Squatting hurts my knees” and yet, we can’t avoid this fundamental human movement. Think of how many times you do these movements during the day.

  10. The Inchworm!

    Ever wonder where we get some of our exercises?  The inchworm is an imitation of an actual worm moving up and down from point A to point B on a flat surface.  This exercise is great because it involves your full body and requires no gym equipment.  It’s good for your arms, core, chest, back […]

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