Functional Aging

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  1. “Decision Fatigue” is real.

    Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to have willpower when you’re stressed or have had a long day at work or with the family? It doesn’t have to be “bad” stress, either – your willpower can lag after an awesome day spent sightseeing, shopping or doing something else that you love. The reason this happens is because of something called “decision fatigue.” Learn More.

  2. Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken

    Moroccan cuisine contains an exquisite combination of savory and sweet spices to create unique flavors. The result is often quite memorable, as in the case of this Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken.

  3. Beef Stuffed Squash

    Who needs tortillas or burger buns when we can stuff ground beef right into squash? It’s an excellent, fitness-approved way to eat your veggies and work towards your best body!

  4. When you fail to see results from diet and exercise

    When do diet and exercise fail? This question is a trick, of course. Diet and exercise don’t fail. The only way for diet and exercise not to work is if you fail to stick with it long enough for the results to show. Here's how to stick with a diet and exercise plan.

  5. Terry’s Health Impacts His Loved Ones!

    Starting a new fitness journey doesn’t always mean that we have to go it alone.  Having a good support system or someone to join you on the journey can make for a great experience. Terry Lemons has been working with a Functional Aging Specialist for over a year now, and the impact it has had on him has been life-changing.

  6. The REAL # of days it takes to create a habit

    Do you ever feel like creating healthier habits (working out, eating better, etc.) is a lot harder than it should be? Keep reading, because I’ve got some news for you that I hope you feel a whole lot better about it!

  7. Southwest Chicken

    Now, while making dinner at home it’s easy to fall into a boring routine, so have fun with this Southwest Chicken recipe! It’s full of robust flavors meant to wake up your taste buds and to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

  8. Slow Cooker Turkey and Kale Soup

    A warm bowl of soup like this is a fantastic way to eat a low calorie, high protein dinner. here’s bone broth that’s rich in soothing, immune system...

  9. Simple Tuna Salad

    Here’s a simple and light version of tuna salad. It cuts out high-calorie mayonnaise and adds some chopped fruit and vegetables to really liven it up. This is a great recipe to enjoy as you journey towards your fitness goal.

  10. Reduce Your Risk Factors for Stroke

    Actor Luke Perry was a familiar face on TV screens for almost 30 years, as a teen on “Beverly Hills 90210” and recently as Archie’s dad on “Riverdale.” His shocking stroke and death at 52 have a lot of people questioning whether there’s such a thing as “Too young for a stroke.” The sad truth is, […]

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