1. A Personal Sharing on … Mindfulness

    20170214_192159.jpgWhat is Mindfulness?

     By one definition, mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

    Mindfulness also involves acceptance, meaning that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them-without believing, for instance, that there’s a “right” or ‘’wrong” way to think or feel in a given moment. When I practice mindfulness, my thoughts tune into what I’m sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.I don’t train client’s much anymore because of my amazing, competent team of Functional Aging Specialists and because I MUST be mindful of the things that need to be done to move my business forward. My day consists of working ON my business with focus and purpose to reach as many people as I can with our unique approach to health and fitness for the de-conditioned and over 50 crowd.

    A Real Treasure

    One of the treasures of training clients for years and years as well as getting to know someone new is the plethora of ideas that are given me on topics to write to you about. Referred to us by a local physical therapist, a woman recently hired us with a long term experience of chronic pain and was full of fear that this pain would reoccur and could possibly be triggered by exercise.

    After consulting with her, it became clear to me the limitation she was primarily dealing with was the fear. I visited with her regarding ways she could be mindful and mostly visited with Jay who would be her trainer. She asked me later if I would consider a workshop on the subject of “mindfulness” and I must say I’m considering it.

    Thought I’d write to you a bit about mindfulness first, get your feedback and share some personal hacks that help me to stay in the present moment, mindful of doing the “Next Right Thing”.

    My Mindful Practices for you to Takeaway

    • I re-hydrate my body upon waking with a full 20 oz. glass of water
    • I use Keto//Kreme in my coffee to give my brain the “good” fats it needs to start my day with mental clarity and focus. For more information and where to order https://goo.gl/DTLJRe
    • I spend 30 minutes in spiritual study time and I may do this in different ways
      • I consider Richard Rohr my spiritual guide and follow his daily meditations, read from his books or attend his on-line courses. For more information visit https://cac.org/
    • I meditate for 20 minutes and have had different practices over the years
      • Christ Centered Prayer is my foundational meditation practice https://goo.gl/Nea6XWcenteringprayer.png
      • I have an app on my phone – Centering Prayer (admittedly I mostly just like the timer and the sound of the Singing Bowl) I still practice the Christ Centered Prayer. Here’s what the app icon looks like
    • I work out with 2 good friends 30+ minutes daily for the accountability and fellowship
    • I also take a daily inventory as needed using another phone app called Sacred Space. I use this to practice an “attitude of gratitude”, journal and self-reflect. For Sacred Space information, go here http://www.sacredspace.ie/
    • I silent retreat 3 – 4 times per year to lehb shomea to mostly stop the noise in my head. http://www.lebhshomea.org/ I try not to take anything that adds to my mental mania as I really need to defrag! A few things that I do take with me …
      • My journal to reflect and to add to as things rise
      • Blank art paper to draw (scribble), color and Zen tangle … I can do this for hours when I’m alone.
      • If I read, it’s something from the library that is there. I read Gift of the Red Bird: The Story of a Divine Encounter by Paula D’Arcy last time I retreated.
      • A water bottle and weather appropriate gear because I walk and walk and walk for miles and miles on the numerous trails that are on the property.

    I seriously had no idea where this newsletter was going. Please take what you like of the resources that help me to live a more physically, mentally and spiritually balanced life and leave the rest.

    Please share my newsletter with your friends, you might just plant a seed in them and get to watch it grow!

    Again, I’d love to hear back from you … what do you think of a Mindful Retreat sometime? All Saint’s Episcopal Church has one coming up soon on February 25th. Let me know if you’d like more information.

    Yours in Health and Fitness,
    Lisa G. Wright, CFT,
    Functional Aging Specialist

    Your Personal Best Training Studio
    (361) 549-4604

  2. Spaghetti Squash Done Right

    Spaghetti Squash Done RightWouldn’t it be awesome if we could eat a big bowl of noodles without any guilt over the excess carbs and calories? Well, nature has you covered with the perfect noodles found in spaghetti squash. These made-in-nature noodles are high in fiber and are very low in carbs and calories. So you can serve it up with your favorite sauce and enjoy pasta night your way.

    Many recipes for spaghetti squash have you cut the squash in half lengthwise. This technique causes the strands to be cut in half, shortening them. The technique shown below, which involves cutting the squash into rings, allows for the noodles to maintain their length – giving you the most authentic noodle experience. Enjoy!

    Courtesy of RealHealthyRecipes.com

    Servings: 4

    Here’s what you need…

    • 1 spaghetti squash
    • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
    • sea salt and black pepper
    1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.
    2. Cut the ends off the spaghetti squash and discard. Slice the rest of the spaghetti squash into 1-inch rings. Use a spoon to remove the seeds from the center of each ring.
    3. Rub the coconut oil over all of the spaghetti squash flesh. Generously season each ring with salt and pepper. Place the rings on the parchment paper lined baking sheet and roast in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Flip each of the rings and roast for another 30 minutes, or until very tender.
    4. Once cooled use a spoon to remove the noodles. Place all of the noodles in a large bowl and season to taste with salt and pepper. Use as a base for your favorite spaghetti sauce. Enjoy!

    Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 61 calories, 4g fat, 7g carbohydrate, 0g sugar, 17mg sodium, 3g fiber, and 1g protein.

  3. Focus on Being Present!

    16508936_1244702252280236_5079614296282974170_n.jpgIt can be a real challenge living in the present moment because it’s all to easy to get sidetracked thinking about the past, worrying about the future, or distracted by technology!

    Being present is something you can practice on a daily basis. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s something that if you’re paying attention to and aware of, you will get better and better at living more in the moment.

    Here are a few reasons why it’s important:

    1. You can improve your social skills, like speaking less nervously and listening thoughtfully, with your attention focused on the person you’re interacting with.
    2. Also, you know that when you write, paint or do some other creative work, you do a much better job when you are not thinking that much. Things just “come naturally” and more easily to us when you’re living in the present.
    3. The “present” mind observes the world with more clarity and curiousness… and suddenly ordinary things become more fascinating and amazing!
    4. Being present helps you steer away from stress. You become more calm, centered, and can put things more easily in perspective.
    5. It’s a great release from that horrible tendency to overthink and over-analyze.
    6. You become more open to new ideas and other people, because living in the present strips away many of the barriers and prejudices within your mind.
    7. When you are in the present, you enter a playful state of mind. You may even feel that many things become more enjoyable and easier to do!

    Simple ways to keep focused on the present are by meditating, paying attention to your breathing, and by focusing on who or what is in front of you throughout the day. Leave your cell phone ringer off, turn off FB notifications, and keep your attention on the sights, smells, and sounds that are around you!

    Your challenge for this weekend is to practice being PRESENT! Are you in with me? I’d really like to hear back from you!

  4. Walk Your Dog: 10 Reasons Why

    Walk Your Dog

    Walk your dog daily!

    We know that daily exercise is important. To walk is good for our dogs and for us. In fact, many of us get dogs to help ensure that we get more consistent exercise.

    For the 2 decades Your Personal Best Training Studio has been dedicated to helping people in our community become the best they can be and live a healthier and fit life! Walk your dog day is one of the many ways we promote health and fitness in our community.

    Here are 10 good reasons to walk your dog daily.

    Reason # 1: Track-able Progress

    Create a walking schedule; plan to walk 30 minutes total each day. This might include a 10-minute neighborhood walk in the morning and a 20-minute romp with your dog after work. Download a walking progress calendar here.

    Reason # 2: Relationship

    The walk isn’t just exercise for your dog; it’s a chance to spend some quality time with you. Committing time to a walk does more than just keep your dog in shape; it also helps stave off boredom.

    Reason # 3: Fat Loss

    Dog owners who reported walking their dogs were almost 25 percent less likely to be obese than people without dogs.

    Reason # 4: Motivation

    The problem is that dogs sometimes need as much motivation as we do to exercise. I think most of us would agree that it’s more fun to go for a walk or work out with a friend instead of by ourselves. Our dogs probably feel the same way.

    Reason # 5: Human Health

    Research shows that dogs are actually nature’s perfect personal trainers—loyal, hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic. And, unlike your friends, who may skip an exercise session because of appointments, extra chores or bad weather, dogs never give you an excuse to forego exercising.

    Reason #6: Companionship

    You can take your dog shopping. PetSmart, many pet stores and even some restrauants now a days will let you bring a constant companion.

    Reason # 7: Confidence

    Walking helps increase our confidence in doing something that contributes to our daily health. Our dogs build confidence when they’re able to see, smell and experience many different things and can learn about different areas of their world.

    Reason # 8: Structure.

    We love our dogs and we often believe they should have all the freedom in the world. Structure is hard-wired into dogs: they seek it, crave it and are happier with it. We crave structure too!

    Reason # 9: Socialization.

    Both the socialization and physical act of walking our dogs can help completely reverse behavioral problems in us and our dogs.

    Reason # 10: Health is a Responsibility.

    We are responsible for our health, safety, and well-being. Walking our dogs regularly is one of the first steps to both theirs and our physical and mental health.

  5. Here’s how goals are met

    Do you have unmet goals?

    You aren’t alone. In fact, most of us live with unfulfilled aspirations, which is why the self-help industry is booming.

    Unfortunately, many widely used self-help techniques fail to deliver results.

    Case in point: You’ve probably heard of the “Yale Goal Study” where researchers were said to have interviewed the graduating Yale seniors in 1953, asking whether or not the students had written down specific goals that they wanted to achieve. Then twenty years down the road the researchers looked up each student and discovered that the 3% of the class who had written down their goals had accumulated more personal wealth than the other 97% combined.

    Very compelling story, but complete fiction.

    The “Yale Goal Study” never happened, though motivational speakers and self-help books have quoted it for years.

    Best selling author and psychologist Richard Wiseman went on a mission to craft a no-nonsense response to the bogus self-help techniques. Using a diverse range of scientific data he uncovered a proven approach to achieve any goal.

    The following 5 successful techniques (Do This) and 5 unsuccessful techniques (Not That) are from Wiseman’s book, 59 Seconds Change Your Life in Under a Minute.

    Do This: Make a Step-by-Step Plan.

    If you are serious about achieving your goal, then you need to create a step-by-step plan on how to do it.

    Successful goal-achievers break down their overall goal into sub-goals. Each sub-goal needs to be concrete, measurable and time-based.

    Not That: Motivate yourself by focusing on someone that you admire.

    Studies show that focusing on someone you admire is not a strong enough motivator to see you through your goal.

    Do This: Tell Other People About Your Goal.

    How badly do you want to achieve your goal? If you want it bad enough, you’ll tell your friends and family.

    This technique works on two levels. First, you’ve put yourself on the spot by letting the world in on your goal, so it’s all-eyes-on-you. Failure would be public. Second, your friends and family are there to offer support and encouragement. Don’t underestimate the psychological power of having someone in your corner.

    Not That: Think about the bad things.

    When you focus on the negative it becomes your reality.

    Do This: Focus on the Good Things When Achieving Your Goal.

    Remind yourself of the benefits associated with achieving your goal.

    Make a checklist of how life will be better once you have achieved your aim. This gets your focus on a positive future, one that’s worth the effort.

    Not That: Try to suppress unhelpful thoughts.

    Rather than trying to erase that image of chocolate cake from your mind, learn to deal with the reality of temptation head-on.

    Do This: Reward Your Progress.

    Studies show that attaching rewards to each of your sub-goals encourages success.

    Your rewards should never conflict with your major goal. When aiming to lose weight, never use food as a reward.

    Not That: Rely on willpower.

    Willpower alone rarely gets anyone to their goal.

    Do This: Record Your Progress.

    Make your plans, progress, benefits and rewards concrete by expressing them in writing.

    Use a hand-written journal, your computer or a bulletin board to chart your progress. This process is priceless for maintaining motivation.

    Not That: Fantasize about life after achieving your goal.

    Daydreaming is fun, but simply fantasizing about your new life will not make it a reality.

    All things Health and Fitness,

    ~ Lisa

    P.S. Are you ready to achieve your fitness and fat loss goal once and for all? Call or email me now to get started on the process that will put an end to your yo-yo dieting and your “too-small-to-wear” jeans once and for all.

    Now is your time to get into the best shape of your life!

  6. A personal sharing … on listening

    It is one thing to admit to God the exact nature of my wrongs and quite another to admit them to a human being. It is an intimate experience to share my private thoughts and experiences with another person.

    One of the reasons I risk being vulnerable with you through my weekly personal sharing is because I hope one day you will come to know, like, and trust me with your health and fitness. Yes it’s true, I have a motive.

    You see, the day you finally pick up that 1000# pound phone and call me for that FREE consultation is the day I finally get to listen to you! Or … maybe you’ve been a client for some time and you finally take me up on that cup of coffee and a conversation.

    There is freedom in opening up to a trusted other, and it can be extremely rewarding to be the listener or, in your case, the reader as well. If you’ve been receiving my emails for some time and haven’t unsubscribed then, on some level, I suspect you and I are connecting.

    I feel deeply honored in a consultation or over coffee to be entrusted with your experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to practice giving unconditional love and support to you by simply listening.

    Many of your stories are similar to my own; I can often identify with the feelings you express. Perhaps they simply remind me of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. I can also see, despite our outward differences, we have a great deal in common with each other.

    Whether I listen to you or you read what I write, I believe we open ourselves as channels for our Higher Power. More often than not, we may hear or read something that sheds light on our own situation.

    When I respond to your request for help with getting your body back in shape, I help myself as well. There has been no better way for me to keep awake spiritually than to listen to you with love, free of expectations and with no strings attached.

    If you decide to hire me, even this I consider pure gift and an exchange of energies that adds to the greater good.

    Don’t hesitate to take me up on that free consultation or a cup of coffee. Warning though, I may ask you a few questions like, “How’s it going today? … What are some obstacles to your success? … What’s worked for you in the past?” … even, “Where do you see yourself in a year or 10 years from now if you decide not to change?” …

    My questions are not to judge you, but opportunity for you to listen to yourself. This gift of listening deeply has been and is still given to me today by trusted others. Listening to you as you listen to yourself is simply paying it forward for me.

    Call today or email me..

    Yours in Health and Fitness,
    Lisa G. Wright, CFT,
    Functional Aging Specialist

    Your Personal Best Training Studio
    (361) 549-4604


    P.S. Just another reason why our clients love us! This testimonial came in an email to me the other day and Pam gave me permission to share.

    “A good communicator you are! You are one of the most professional women I have ever met. I appreciate your interest in your clientele especially with the money we invest.
    Money well worth it.” ~ Pam Burriola

  7. Trail Mix Awesomeness….

    Trail Mix: Paleo Crunch

    It’s a little more involved than a traditional raw trail mix, but A-MAZING!

    WARNING: this is very addictive!  Make sure only to have ¼ cup at a time!

    Dry Ingredients:

    • ½ cup ground flax seeds
    • 1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
    • 1 cup raw sunflower seeds
    • 1.5 cup almond meal
    • 3 cups shredded unsweetened coconut
    • 4 cups raw slivered almonds
    • ½ cup unsweetened dried fruit (cherries, raisons, etc…)
    • 1 tsp. cinnamon
    • 1 tsp. sea salt
    • ½ tsp. baking soda

     Wet Ingredients:

    • 1/4 cup liquefied coconut oil
    • 1/3 cup raw organic honey
    • 3 tsp. pure vanilla extract


    1. Preheat oven to 250 °F   Combine all of the dry ingredients (EXCEPT the dried fruit) into a large bowl.  Mix well to make sure all of the ingredients are evenly distributed.
    2. In a medium bowl, add all of the wet ingredients & mix together until well combined.  Next, mix wet ingredients thoroughly into dry ingredients.
    3. Divide the mixture in a thin layer between 2 rimmed baking sheets and press mixture with the back of a
      spoon or spatula until flat.  Bake until lightly toasted. (About 45-60 minutes)
    4. Remove pan from oven, stir mixture & return to oven for another 15 minutes.
    5. Remove from oven, stir in dried fruit if using and let cool in the pans.  Be sure to store in a container with a paper towel on bottom to absorb any excess oil.

    (Compliments of PaleoSimplified.com)

  8. Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

    Roasted Broccoli and CauliflowerWe all know that vegetables are good for us, and that we should eat more fresh veggies in order to increase the fiber and vitamin content of our diets. But, the truth is that most veggie side dishes don’t taste good enough to entice the whole family to dive in. This recipe is the answer. Broccoli and cauliflower are roasted in an outrageously tasty way that’s simple, quick and full of nutrition.

    Serve this delicious veggie side dish with a piece of lean meat for a well-balanced, fitness approved meal.

    Servings: 4

    Here’s what you need…

    • 1 bunch broccoli
    • 1 bunch cauliflower
    • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
    • dash of sea salt
    • dash of pepper
    • 4 garlic cloves, minced
    • juice from 1 lemon
    1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F. Lightly grease a large baking sheet with olive oil.
    2. Wash the broccoli and cauliflower heads and then pat dry. It’s important to dry thoroughly so that it will roast properly. Cut into small florets.
    3. In a medium bowl combine the florets, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic cloves. Toss until well combined and then spread over the prepared baking sheet.
    4. Roast for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through. Remove from oven once the florets are tender with crispy bottoms.
    5. Drizzle the lemon juice over the cooked florets and serve immediately.

    Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 160 calories, 4g fat, 98mg sodium, 8g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, and 4g protein

  9. Chocolate Protein Pudding!

    Chocolate Protein Pudding!What if I told you that I had a recipe for a creamy, chocolaty, protein-rich treat that would satisfy your sweet tooth while bringing you closer to your fitness goals? While it sounds too good to be true, this recipe delivers in flavor and nutrition!

    This is a protein packed dessert that the whole family will love. It’s important to enjoy desserts that are low in carbohydrates and sugar, and high in protein in order to shed body fat and develop healthy muscles. This recipe delivers on all fronts, without sacrificing flavor.

    Servings: 1

    Here’s what you need…

    • 6 oz Greek Yogurt, plain, fat free
    • 1 scoop high quality chocolate protein powder
    • Sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder
    1. In a small bowl use a whisk to combine the yogurt and protein powder. Mix until all lumps have disappeared.
    2. Garnish with a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder.

    Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 220 calories, 0g fat, 445mg sodium, 11g carbohydrate, 0g fiber, and 42g protein.

  10. Tropical Teriyaki Chicken

    Tropical Teriyaki ChickenIt may be cold outside but this tropical chicken dish will remind you of swaying palm trees and warm beaches. In addition to sweet mango, this tasty recipe has guilt-free onion rings to make your healthy eating more exciting.

    This salad is fun and full of flavor, made with nutrient-packed microgreens, sweet mango, tender teriyaki chicken and guilt-free onion rings. Eat this and give your body the protein it needs as well as a healthy serving of fiber. Enjoy!

    Servings: 6

    Here’s what you need…

    • 4 organic, free-range chicken breasts
    • ¼ cup Organicville Island Teriyaki Sauce
    • 1 large yellow onion, cut into 1/2 inch slices
    • 1 cup almond meal
    • dash of salt
    • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1 cup coconut milk, full fat
    • 1 omega-3 egg
    • 4 cups organic micro greens or mixed greens
    • 1 fresh, ripe organic mango, sliced
    • 4 Tablespoons organic goat cheese, crumbled
    1. Rinse the chicken breasts. Place in a large ziplock bag with the teriyaki sauce, mix until all the chicken is coated. Place in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. (Do it overnight for even better flavor!)
    2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly grease a baking sheet with coconut oil.
    3. In a shallow bowl combine the almond meal, salt and garlic powder. In another shallow bowl whisk the coconut milk and egg.
    4. Dip each onion ring in the milk mixture and then coat with the almond meal mixture. Place on prepared baking sheet.
    5. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven, flip each onion ring, then return to oven for an additional 10 minutes.
    6. Heat a grill pan and lightly coat with coconut oil. Place the chicken breasts on the grill pan, and cook 4 minutes each side, until there is no longer any pink in the middle.
    7. Remove chicken from heat and slice.
    8. Prepare each plate with a pile of micro greens, sliced mango, goat cheese crumbles, a few onion rings and then top with teriyaki chicken.

    Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 366 calories, 2g fat, 268mg sodium, 23g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, and 40g protein

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