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  2. Another WMU – 101 TESTIMONIAL

    Downloadable Mp3 File

    Lisa & Jon

    Lisa: Hi, I am so proud of another Weight Management University 101 client and graduate, Jon H.

    Jon, I guess what I really want to know is …

    What was your overall, general experience of the weight management university?

    Jon: It was one of the most worthwhile things I have done. I’ve learned a great deal. Even though I think I’m watching my diet or I was watching my diet carefully way too much fat calorie intake. And I learned … My great amazement is that I have been training at too high a level. I remember asking you whether I really needed this course and you said “yes, you do” and so I took it reluctantly and I learned a great, great deal from it.

    Lisa: Ahh … yeah that’s a good one! So, I may be putting you on the spot but …

    Can you remember which chapter was the hardest and which was the easiest for you? Or does one chapter stand out in general?

    Jon: Probably the most difficult one was the one on the minerals. Just because that’s not something I am very familiar with. Easiest … I don’t know …  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the them.

    Lisa: So, vitamins and minerals …

    Do you take vitamins and minerals already?

    Jon: Just a vitamin supplement. A general vitamin supplement and a calcium supplement.

    Lisa: Okay and …

    You’ve done that most of your life probably?

    Jon: Yes

    Juan and JonLisa: Good, Good!

    What is your sport of choice?

    Jon: Swimming

    Lisa: How often do you swim?

    Jon: Generally 3-5 times a week.

    Lisa: So, you learned that you might have been over training a little bit for your goal of fat loss?

    Jon: Quite a bit! (Laughs)

    Lisa: Okay, good, good! Well, Thank you …Thank you for trusting us with your education!

  3. The Caffeine Report

    caffeine report

    O.K. I admit it.  I don’t drink much… don’t smoke… but, I love coffee.
    And, yes… I love the caffeine but I’m pretty careful with it.

    Well, NOW I know exactly how much of that stuff I actually take in.  Yikes, as careful as I am … I’m still almost an addict!

    How about you?

    Check out this new spec sheet from one of my favorite “go to” sources for nutrition information and spec sheets.

    I’m guessing you’ll go straight to the Starbucks section or to 5-Hour Energy…!

    Have fun with this..!

    To download…. CLICK HERE


    Want to know how much caffeine you’re suppose to have? http://goo.gl/NZOQ7U

  4. Why do BOTH?

    Aerobic vs. Anaerobic exercise put simply AND why do BOTH?

    So … you want a fat burning, NOT a fat storing metabolism. Fat burns off the body in the presence of oxygen. Oxygenated muscles occur with exercise.

    – Metabolism
    is the amount of energy our bodies require and burn during one day.

    – Aerobic metabolism refers to a series of chemical reactions that requires the presence of oxygen.

    Examples: cardio machines, spinning, running, swimming, walking, hiking, aerobics classes, dancing, cross country skiing, and kickboxing.

    ana– Anaerobic metabolism means just the opposite – a series of chemical reactions that does not require the presence of oxygen. Strengthening your muscles creates more mass for maximum aerobic fat burn.

    Examples: weight lifting, sprinting, and jumping; any exercise that consists of short exertion, high-intensity movement.


    Fat-Burning Summary

    For efficient metabolism of fat during exercise, get EVERY ASPECT of your muscles involved by performing these 5 things:

    1. Exercise at least 30 minutes and up to 45-60 minutes
    2. Exercise as often as possible (5-6 days per week, even twice a day)
    3. Exercise in your target heart rate zone (65 to 85%)of your maximum
    4. Perform anaerobic activities prior to aerobic activities to optimize your workout performances.
    5. Exercise consistently and in moderate intensity.


    “Aerobic Exercise.” Weight Management University – 101. Corpus Christi: Your Personal Best Training Studio, 2015. 40. Print.

    “Anaerobic Exercise.” Weight Management University – 101. Corpus Christi: Your Personal Best Training Studio, 2015. 45. Print.

  5. WMU – 101 Testimonial

    Downloadable Mp3 File


    Lisa: This is Lisa with Your Personal Best Training Studio and I am here with Steven Holliday, who’s warming up on the treadmill before his workout. We just awarded Mr. Holliday a Weight Management University 101 certificate of completion for completing a 12-week program, 12 chapters, to make him more of an expert with his own weight management.

    Lisa: What was your overall experience and favorite chapter and “ah-hah” moment?

    Steven: The overall experience for me was there was so many new things that I learned about how exercising needs to be varied. And how by varying it becomes more enjoyable. I’ve enjoyed the workouts and doing the different programs and the different types of exercises that I’ve been doing.

    As far as the management program, the different chapters on different subjects, I think the chapter concerning metabolism was the most informative to me in that it gives me a view point that if I will … I think it’s going to be easier for me to lose weight as I build the muscle and I think that is something I never knew … I know it’s something I never knew before that the muscle is going to burn more fat. I never understood that and I can see it happening in just this short period of time without 20150414_093332my losing much weight, my body has changed and I feel like that’s … I’m hoping that’s due to more lean muscle and less fat.

    Lisa: Do you recommend the Weight Management University to others and why?

    Steven: I do recommend it. It’s not difficult to do. It’s presented in a way that’s very straight forward and understandable. I never did do any of the audio; I just read the chapters and did those. I can’t really speak to the listening part of it. I think it is very informative, there is a lot to learn and it’s interesting, at this time in my life, that there is so many things I didn’t know about my exercising.

    Lisa: That’s good! Well, we certainly want to congratulate you and thank you for being our very first client to complete the program. I’m sure this testimonial will encourage and motivate others and we really appreciate that.

    Steven: You’re very welcomed!

  6. Core Group Training

    Try this core workout our 7 am group is doing!

    First, warm up with a 5 min cardio keeping your max heart rate at 60-70%.

    Complete 4 sets of each exercise for 30 secs. each with a 15 sec. rest.

    1) V-Up Toe Touches

    2) Alternating Superman


    3) Plank Hold


    4) Side Plank Hold – Right

    5) Side Plank Hold – Left

    side plank

    6) Superman


    After completing the 6 exercise do a 30sec of max cardio sprint, followed by 3min cool down.

  7. Food Is Medicine

    Downloadable Mp3 File

    ( Quivering voice is  “Brisk” walking/talking at the same time!)

    Many of you who follow my blogs and follow my e-newsletter know that I have a couple of new tools and I’m pretty excited about them. One is the Weight Management University and the other one is the MAP System, MAP standing for Meal and Activity Planner. I’ve been privileged to sit with several of clients over the past few weeks, especially with the MAP System. Watching them and helping them to write their own diet with the tools we have now.

    What’s on my mind this morning is, “Food is Medicine.”

    I worked with a nurse the other day and I could see her light up a little bit when I finally started explaining to her “Food is Medicine.” She is an under eater and she’s struggling to eat even 1200 calories a day. Which if any of you are calorie counters, you know that is not very much.

    As I began to visit with her that this system breaks down the calories into the right proteins, the right carbohydrates, and the right amount of fat specifically for her. Just like, you know if a doctor told her to take medicine, she would take it. She would take it in the quantity that she was told to take it in and she would take it at the time of day she was told to take it in. Well, as a professional, what I know how to do is prescribe, with the tools I have, the right amount of food at the right amount of time in the right quantities based on the individual.

    I do not have a commercial diet plan that is “One Size Fits All.” That is not what I advocate and that is not what I teach. I don’t even write your diet, I just help you write it with the foods you want. I have clients that have dark chocolate in their diet; I have clients that have wine in their diet. You know. But, even though some of those things are empty calories it is still part of their habit and if they can get the pieces put together they can be successful with their nutrition.

    So, “Food is Medicine.” If you think about eating based on how your body is designed, the tangible parts of your body are protein. Your activity requires carbohydrates and the fat that you take in is going to lubricate all those systems.

    So, think about it from that angle. And, if that helps you out, give us a call, I would love to visit with you about the tools that I have that can help you be successful with your nutrition. So, not to coin an old cliché but “Just Call, That’s All.” I do not charge you for a phone call. I’m available, Marcia’s available, Juan’s available, we’re good at what we do and we’re not kids. We’re full grown adults and we practice what we preach, at least most of the time. (Laughs)

    Anyway, give me a call, 361-857-5087.

    Yours in Health and Fitness,
    Lisa G. Wright

  8. Here’s My Problem! Here’s My …

    Downloadable Mp3 File

    My problem is I am pretty sure that I know how to help everyone. I know what kind of exercise they should do, I know how they should eat, what they should eat, when they should eat it. And … I get frustrated when I tell people over and over again and they don’t do it or they can’t do it or it’s hard for them to do it. And … my hope is that everyone is just “doing the best they can” And … my experience is … everyone, including me, we’re ALL,  “doing the best we can.”

    Last night I was so tired when I got home, I needed to just go to bed. Can you relate to this, you’re so tired, you can’t sleep?

    So, I pull out a good healthy dinner. I eat my dinner. I get a little revived. I am watching TV and then out comes a healthier choice; but still, I over ate it! A bag of whole grain pita chips. And you’re probably cracking up right now, going; “That is not even unhealthy! Or, you’re thinking, “You should see what I do!” (Laughing)

    Oh, but that’s not all. You see, I can be addicted to dopamine, which is a chemical produced in the brain, wanting fat, salt and sugar, especially for a “pick me up.” That’s the addiction. I want to feel better. It’s a form of endorphin. I want to feel revived; I do not want to feel tired anymore. So, the pita chips were not enough and I whip out my light Land of Lakes Butter and I use it like a dip with my chips. Alright there, I’ve confessed. It’s a horrible habit, I do not do it very often but it is a weakness of mine and I know exactly what I’m doing, when I do it and I cannot stop. So I pay the consequences on the scale the next morning, even though I know you cannot measure fat (loss or gain), muscle (loss or gain) on the scale. It is not even a healthy habit. (Laughing)Your Personal Best Training Journal

    So, your coach, your friend, your mentor, your personal trainer… I’m human too. I go through what you go through. The biggest thing I can tell you is, it’s just not my habit, it is my exception, it’s not my habit. As you look at your daily routine, and I highly recommend a journal. We sell these fabulous journals, they’re 12-week journals and that’s not what this blog is about. But … JOURNAL what you’re doing. Become aware of what you’re doing and you CAN make changes.

    One of the things I know is that I really do not have enough fat in my diet. And … Today I am going to begin taking my Omega-3 fish oil tablets again because they help curb that craving my body has occasionally for a little more fat, and it’s a healthy fat, and I won’t wake up the next morning feeling bad about it.

    So, anyway I hope you have a great day, a great week, hope you take a few minutes to consider looking at your habits. Do it for one week, just write down everything you eat, write down your exercise patterns, write down your sleeping patterns, and at the end of the day do a little inventory and write down how you felt that day: were you tired, were you sleepy, were you rested, were you happy. And … At the end of the week, when I do this with clients, patterns will always emerge.

    So, I care about you, I want the best for you, I know we’re all doing the best we can. I get that. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I really do understand, even though my problem is that sometimes it feels like I want more for you than you want for yourself. I can only imagine that’s how my Higher Power feels about me on a daily basis. (Laughing) And … sometimes I imagine my Higher Power just wants me to slow down, quit worrying about everybody else, worry about myself, keep the focus on me, and just do the next right thing, for me!

    So, I want for you really no more than what I want for myself. So, anyway, be the best you can be today and always.

    I love you all!


  9. How to Organize Your Home Workout Space

    If you workout at home a few days a week, then, one of the most important factors is your home workout space.

    If it is inviting and well thought out, you will be more likely to use it. But if the area is unattractive and uncomfortable to use, you may find yourself avoiding it and therefore avoiding your workouts.

    Use the following tips to create and organize a workout area that is user-friendly and encourages fitness:

    1.  Space.  Be sure that the area where you choose to workout is spacious enough for you to perform your exercises.  If you use a cramped area in which you have to rearrange items every time you switch to a different exercise, you will probably become frustrated.
    1.  Lighting.  Bright lights help us to feel energized while dim lights can bring about feelings of drowsiness.  While you are working out, you need all the energy-producing light you can manage.  Open the curtains wide if there are windows in your workout room.  If there are no windows, consider installing a full-spectrum light.  These lights mimic the spectrum of the light of the sun and will help energize you.
    1.  Music.  Anyone who has exercised with music knows how just the right songs can help increase and maintain more intensity in the workout than without music.  Make sure that your fitness area has a way for you to play music as you exercise.  You can even purchase a little speaker to hook into your iPod or MP3 player.  It does not have to be an elaborate system; just something that will play music loudly enough for you to hear it while you work out.
    1. Cleanliness.  Is your workout space damp and smelly?  Is it full of clutter and unwanted items from the rest of the house?  It is a mistake to let your fitness area be the catch-all room for the whole family.

    If your room is in a musty corner of the basement or if it doubles as a storage closet, you will not enjoy the time you spend there, and therefore you will be less likely to be consistent with your workouts.  Either clean the room up or pick a different area.

    Your fitness and health are important and need to be treated as such.  Making your workout space a top priority will go a long way toward helping you reach your fitness goals, because you will be more likely to use it if you find it inviting and a pleasure to use.


  10. No More Excuses!

    People who don’t work out always have a reason why.  But except for a very few people who truly cannot exercise, these reasons are thin excuses.

    Working out is hard.  It takes time, energy and sometimes gut-wrenching motivation and will power.  Some days it is easy, but many days it is not.  Fit people work out when they do not want to.   And, they work out when they do not feel like it.  They have excuses not to work out too, but they look at those excuses and walk right over them on their way to the fitness room.

    Let’s look at a few common excuses for not working out and diffuse them.

    1.  I do not have the time.  This is probably the number one excuse that people give for not exercising.  It is true that we are busy.  Nearly all of us have more to do every day than we can possibly get done.  But why do some busy people find the time to exercise and other busy people do not?  It is a matter of priority.  There are people who are very, very busy who nevertheless find the time to take care of their health.

    It is important to realize that you will have to take the time to care for your health at some point.  You can put the time in now by working out and preserving your strength and health, or you can put the time in later, when you will have to clear your schedule for multiple doctors’ visits and medical procedures.

    Lack of exercise is one of the most significant reasons why people become ill with chronic diseases.  So it is not a matter of if you take time to take care of your health; it is a matter of when:  NOW or LATER!  The choice is yours.

    1.  It is not the right time.  This is a very deceptive excuse, because it will never be the right time.  There will always be reasons why it is inconvenient to workout.  You will always be too busy, too stressed, too tired, to distracted, too bored or too overweight.  Tomorrow never comes when you are waiting for the perfect tomorrow to start working out.  Start today; don’t wait for tomorrow.
    1.  I don’t have the energy.  When you are not used to working out, you will not have much energy to bring to the table when you begin exercising.  But putting off your fitness plans will not magically make more energy appear.  The way to get energy is to expend it.  Once you begin working out, you will steadily have more energy as your aerobic base increases and your muscle mass grows.

    It’s time to get rid of the excuses and get fit!


    Yours in Health and Fitness,

    Lisa G. Wright,


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