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  1. Can I Do It?

    By Marcia Keener
    BBA Human Resources ACSM; Personal Trainer; AHA-CPR
    Specializing In: Wellness Coaching
    Email: marcia@ypbtrainingstudio.com

    “Can I do it?” This question is different from asking ourselves either of the following questions: “Should I do it?” or “Will I do it?”.

    When we realize that we are not feeling as well-physically, cannot do the things we used to do or our physician has given us an ultimatum, we may begin to contemplate making the behavioral changes necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle.   While coaching most of my clients, I have found that the answer to the question “Will I?” is determined by the question “Can I?”

    In the field of Behavioral Psychology, the belief that we have the capability to initiate or sustain a desired behavior is called self-efficacy. If we do not really believe we can sustain a healthy eating lifestyle, and then we stay mired in the Eat, Repent, Repeat Cycle (Am I Hungry? Michelle May, M.D.) Our yo-yo experience with both eating and/or fitness programs fuels the belief that “I can’t”.

    Wellness Coaching using proven Behavioral Psychology models can assist in working clients through a process of developing a positive Wellness Vision and short term SMART (specific, measureable, action-based, reasonable, time lined) goals which support that vision. It is important to identify and develop individual strengths, develop strategies to work through challenges or obstacles, and provide opportunities for success. This process allows clients to spiral upward to answer the basic question with “Yes, I can!” Once you decide in your own heart and mind that “you can”, then “you will!”

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