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  1. A Pleasant Surprise…

    Sometimes life can bring us some pleasant surprises, and in some cases, it can be life changing.  Our clients know they are hiring a Functional Aging Specialist when they start and that the workouts will help them move better, feel better and age actively but some clients do get an additional pleasant surprise.

    Rebecca Huerta is a client who came in with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised as soon as she started training with us.  As one of our most excellent clients, Rebecca works hard at the studio, loves the small group she exercises with, and is very dedicated to committed to each and every one of her workouts.

    One of the unique things about Rebecca is that she brought her daughter with her since day one and we have trained the both of them together for over a year now.

    “I found YPB through a silent auction gift.  I came here, had low expectations and ended up really liking it and staying on, so it was a pleasant surprise.” – Rebecca, 49

    Often, the effectiveness of our 30min functional fitness workouts for the over 50 crowd can really catch people by surprise.  At YPB we also do quarterly challenges, and Rebecca just completed our summer Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge with AMAZING results.

    Not only did she lose body fat but she also feels stronger, more energetic, and her body felt really healthy for the first time in a long time.

    “I finally did a challenge and it’s miraculous what it does because it really shows you we don’t know how good our bodies can feel.  You can really feel good if you’re feeding yourself properly, drinking water, and I feel wonderful.”

    Hear Rebecca’s full testimonial here – ​http://bit.ly/2Mtlx5s​


    Rebecca had a fantastic surprise that has changed her life for good just by taking a risk and giving us a try!  Not only are we Functional Aging Specialists but we have a great support group with the small groups we offer, and we love changing lives and helping people to age backwards.

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