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  1. A Former Client Testimonial

    Some of you may not know it but we used to train anyone who came our way, young and old. Andrew Mason-Leister spent some time in my studio years ago and has remained a loyal Facebook and newsletter follower ever since.

    I received the following testimonial in response to an email that was sent out. Here’s the article again if you forgot what it said. Vacation Proof Your Client​ ​​

    A Former Client Testimonial


    “I messed up horribly a few months ago when I started my dieting and exercise lifestyle change.  When I got to Bagram, Afghanistan and settled into my room I looked in the mirror and decided I should take a picture to look back to when I need some motivation to keep with it when I dont want to go to the gym at 5am or for when I return home. Well, I took the picture and a couple of days later I looked at it and decided it was too gross and embarrassing to look at anymore.  I deleted it.

    3 months now into my transformation, using diet and exercise techniques I learned from you some years back, I’ve gotten much stronger and have dropped over 15 pounds of body weight (hopefully mostly fat).  My body looks MUCH better than it did before.  Still needs work but a lot of progress has been made.


    The disappointing part of all this is that I can’t look back and tell myself that I don’t want to be “this” fat again because I deleted the picture I took at the beginning of my journey.  I hate that I have nothing to compare to and it makes it more difficult to appreciate the progress that I have made.

    Moral of the story, don’t be embarrassed of how you looked like in the past, for that was the motivation for transformation.

    Make sure you tell your clients NOT to delete or discard such pictures! 

    Needless to say I still feel great and feel like I’ve developed a “plan” – lifestyle – that I can stick to when I get back stateside. Thanks again for the lasting impact you’ve had on my family’s health.”

    – Andrew Mason

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