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  1. My Blunder


    I’ll blunder if I don’t take measures toward self-care so I can stay out late.

    What kind of person are you, early or late to your appointments?

    Me? I tend to run behind and get there on time … usually.

    My husband on the other hand likes to get everywhere 20 minutes early (with a book or crossword puzzle in tow to kill the extra time). While admirable, I’ve been unable to adopt his good habit.

    Recently, I bought a couple of tickets to hear “Heaven & Earth: The Art of Listening” at TAMUCC’s Performing Arts Center for Tuesday evening at 7:30. Btw … I am not a “night” person.

    How I blundered

    I have to take measures toward self-care to stay out late, especially on a week night. I had to stop working early, take a nap and scheduled one of my team to train my 6 am group class the next morning.

    I agreed to leave the house BEFORE 7:00 pm to get to the concert 20 minutes early like my husband prefers. It was a date night after all.

    We arrived in a good frame of mind looking forward to our evening. I went to the ladies room.

    When I came out John was motioning to me with a forefinger beckoning curl and a half-cocked grin on his face. He thanked me? For the first time in our marriage I had managed to arrive somewhere early …



    John asked if I would like to go get a flu shot instead. I went along with the suggestion because suddenly I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

    I hope you enjoyed my blunder and that as we all age, perhaps you could relate.

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