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  1. 3 Reasons You May be Feeling Stuck in Your Life ​

    In all my years of training and now business coaching others I’ve noticed a trend; there tends to be three core reasons why we get stuck and cannot move forward.

    Analysis Paralysis

    We can’t stop thinking about what you should do. We over-analyze everything.

    Psychologists call this “analysis paralysis” because this kind of thinking doesn’t get us moving forward or making decisions. It might feel productive and smart because we’re researching or considering all our options, but when that keeps us from taking action, we’re stuck.

    Our need to be right.

    If we always look for justification for the stories we tell ourselves, we WILL find it. If we keep repeating to ourselves that we have no confidence and we are not good enough, we WILL find plenty of examples from our life to back that up that kind of thinking. We will even dodge all the ones that prove us wrong.

    A beloved spiritual director once told me, “Just make a decision and be flexible, you can always change your mind, direction and thinking as needed.” Wow, this was truly a breakthrough for me!

    Our Past

    Or more accurately, our stories of the past, which are usually not accurate at all.  But the more we run those stories through our heads, the more neural pathways our brains create that strengthen those thoughts to the point that they control what we do, and don’t do.

    Wouldn’t it be great to build new neural pathways? Did you know that functional exercise does just this?

    It is never too late or too early to begin a regime of functional exercise that is statistically shown to significantly reduce the chance for dementia as we age. This is a concern for many of us who are over or fast approaching 65+ years old.

    Does even one of these three core reasons sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why I reoriented my studio nearly 3 years ago. I began to specialize specifically with an active and maturing population who are over 50 years old. Change is so hard when we try to do it alone–but it’s fun and easy when done together.

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio in small groups of 4-8 people we are creating unique communities where the 50 + crowd are MOVEing Better, FEELing Better and Aging ACTIVELY together.

    Not Local? 

    There are many who need what we have to offer. Due to this fact, on April 1st, 2018 we launched our Functional Fitness Daily Workouts on-line. We’ve been putting this together for over a year now and it still isn’t perfected.

    Imagine that you could be a part of our community from anywhere in the world? I don’t even have a sales page put together with more information yet but I am curious if you’d be interested in hearing more? Just shoot me an email reply.

    Otherwise grab a copy of our Top 10 Green Detoxifying Smoothie recipes  and start spring cleaning your diet while you are considering which of the core reasons have got you stuck.

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