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    Follow Up Assessment
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    90 Day Package With Wellness Coaching
    90 Day Package With Guaranteed Results
    Follow Up Assessment
    16 Fourty Five Minute Sessions With a Personal Trainer
    HIIT Program
    Wellness Coaching



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  2. Chicken Barley Chili

    Probably by now you have all figured out how much I like one dish meals that are hearty and healthy. I learned a long time ago that I would not be slim & fit on salad alone. (Listen to me ladies, salad diets DO NOT work….you will only get SKINNY FAT! )

    Anyway, this recipe has a unique twist with the barley and a bonus benefit for your heart health. The barley does not in anyway ruin the taste and in fact you will feel full and satisfied with only a cup of this dish and a salad on the side.

    ~ Lisa Wright


    14 1/2 oz. can   Tomatoes, diced, undrained. (may use seasoned tomatoes)
    16 oz. jar/can   Salsa or tomato sauce
    14 1/2 oz. can   Fat free chicken broth
    1 cup   Quaker medium barley
    4 cups   Water
    1 tablespoon   Chili powder
    1 teaspoon   Cumin
    15 oz. can   Black beans, drained, rinsed
    15 1/4 oz. can   Corn, whole kernel or corn with peppers, undrained
    3 cups (about 1 1/2 lbs.)   Chicken breast, cooked, cut into bite-sized pieces

    Reduced or no fat cheddar cheese (optional)
    Reduced fat or fat free sour chream (optional)


    In a 6-quart saucepan, combine first 7 ingredients. Over high heat bring to a boil; cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add beans, corn and chicken; increase heat to high until chili comes to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer another 5 minutes, or until barley is tender. If upon standing the chili becomes too thick, add more chicken broth or water until chili is desired consistancy. If desired, top with shredded cheese and sour cream. MAKES 11 (1 CUP) SERVINGS

  3. Enjoy a Healthier Thanksgiving

    What if you started your Thanksgiving Day with gratitude for your healthy body and with thanks for the knowledge you’ve gained over the past year with regard to the care of your body. There really is no good reason to overeat today and the following tips may help you toward this end.

    1) Eat Breakfast so you won’t be starving at the next meal.

    2) Don’t snack all day & please do drink lots of water.

    3) Chew your food slowly & watch your portion size. It takes your stomach nearly 20 minutes to signal to your brain that it is full. If you are trying to control your portion size, then slowing down and chewing is crucial. Moreover, chewing your food aids healthy digestion. Breaking foods down more thoroughly ensures proper nutrient absorption and can prevent indigestion issues such as acid reflux.

    You can still enjoy all the fun holiday treats just choose smaller portions and you can enjoy whatever you want.

    4) Don’t waste your time or calories on foods you can enjoy all year.

    5) Lighten up on your cooking. Try to use fat free chicken broth for cooking or use fat free sour cream for dips.

    6) Go easy on the alcohol. Alcohol contains a lot of useless and wasted calories.

    7) BE ACTIVE. Start off the day with a workout. Burning calories early will set the tone for the rest of the day. You may feel guilty when you eat all those sugary snacks later in the day. Stay active throughout the day. Go for a walk after dinner, or try to do some type of activity/exercise every 20 – 30 minutes. Ex: 20 mountain climbers each leg, 10 burpees, 30 jumping jacks, etc.

    If all else fails, commit to regular daily exercise for 45-1 hour over the next two weeks and your body WILL recover….just in time for Christmas, when you can do this all over again! Just saying.

  4. Pumpkin Zuccini Loaf


    Servings: 12 servings / 3 servings per loaf
    Preparation Time: 30 min.






    1 cup whole-wheat flour
    1 cup oat flour
    2 tsp baking soda
    1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    3/4 cup wheat germ
    1/2 cup brown sugar substitute
    9 tbsp vanilla protein powder (soy or whey)
    3/4 tsp salt
    3/4 cup pumpkin
    3/4 cup skim milk
    4 large egg whites, beaten
    2 cups zucchini, chopped

    1    Preheat oven to 375° F

    2    Lightly coat the cooking sheet with butter flavored cooking spray.

       In a large mixing bowl, sift together wheat flour, oat flour, baking soda and cinnamon. Then add the wheat germ, brown sugar substitute, protein powder and salt. Stir to combine.

    4    In another bowl, combine the pumpkin, skim milk and egg whites. Pour pumpkin mixture into flour mixture. Stir just until all ingredients are moistened (batter will be lumpy). Then, gently fold in the zuccini until evenly combined.

    5    Spoon the batter into the loaf pan until each is almost full. Bake until golden and a wooden toothpick inserted in the center of muffin comes out “clean”, about 18 minutes.

  5. Staying In Balance

    By Terry Cobb, CPT-CES

    As our “Baby Boomer” generation ages, we have come to discover that many are suffering from serious balance issues.  Unintentional falls among those 65 and older are responsible for more than 18,000 deaths and nearly 450,000 hospitalizations annually in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Most of these falls are caused by a decline in that complex and multidimensional human skill known as balance.

    To remain upright and sure-footed, explained Dr. David Thurman, a neurologist with the center and a spokesman for the American Academy of Neurology, “there are several components of the nervous system, as well as motor or movement functions, that need to be intact.”  These include the vestibular system of the inner ear, vision and proprioception, the ability to sense where one’s arms, legs or other parts of the body are without looking at them, as well as the strength and flexibility of bones and soft tissue.   “All of these,” Dr. Thurman said, “tend to degrade with age, particularly as people move into their seventh and eighth decades.”  Though our balance will decline as we age, balance activities and training can limit the loss or actually improve our performance. Although there are often many factors involved with decreased balance as we age, a lot of this decline is simply due to our inactivity.   This can usually be improved with training. This training will involve improving your overall upper and lower body strength along with challenging your balance system daily.

    Sometimes, balance issues may involve more than just inactivity.  Here are some things that may be involved with your balance problems, as well:

    • Your vision may decrease which can lead to falls due to not seeing clearly.
    • Your hips and legs can become weaker making it harder to walk.
    • We can develop poor posture or have spinal degeneration making it harder to stand erect.
    • Our ability to lift our feet decreases and we can stumble.
    • It takes longer to react when something is in our way causing us to fall.
    • Many drugs interact causing dizziness or decrease balance.
    • Low blood pressure can lead to light-headedness increasing our risk of falls.

    “The preponderance of evidence,” Dr. Thurman said, “shows fairly convincingly that strength and balance training can reduce the rate of falls by up to about 50 percent.” So don’t delay in practicing your balance-everyday.  Besides the training you do with your trainer, practice, practice, practice.  Remember, “It makes perfect!” Call us at YPB Training Studio and get started on improving your posture and balance today!

    Make sure you check with your doctor if you suspect a more serious balance problem involving vertigo, ear infections, Meniere’s disease, chronic dizziness or drug interactions.



  6. 10 Reasons You Should Workout Today

    We all have those days that we dont want to work out, even though we know we should.

    When you need a little motivation, look no further.

    Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t skip your workout today.

    Print, save, or pin this post so you’ll have easy access to it on the days you need it most.


    10 Reasons to Exercise Now

    1. Because you want to stay healthy as you age.

    2. Because you spend most of your day on your butt.

    3. Because it’s cheaper than therapy.

    4. Because it keeps your mind sharp.

    5. Because it improves your balance

    6. Because it reduces your health care costs.

    7. Because your tired of being tired.

    8. Because you made a commitment to yourself.

    9. Because there will always be another wedding, vacation or reunion.

    10. Because it boosts your metabolism.


    If you still dont have enough reasons to get out there and get fit, you can find more reasons here.

  7. Southwestern Shrimp and Rice Skillet


    A simple skillet recipe. Often at the checkout line at HEB I will pick up a circular with recipes. This recipe came from Prevention Guide’s COMFORT FOOD COOKBOOK. I tweeked it, made it lower fat, cooked it and my family ate on it for a few days. Definitely squeeze the lime on it and we love Cholulu sauce to spice it up a bit!            ~ YPB Owner, Lisa Wright




    Prep Time: 20 min
    Total Time: 1 hour
    Servings: 5


    1 cup brown rice
    1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
    5 cloves garlic, minced
    12 oz peeled and deveined medium shrimp
    1 can (15 oz) no-salt-added black beans, rinsed and drained
    1 cup medium salsa
    1/2 cup shredded cheddar
    1 lime, cut into wedges


    Prepare rice per package directions (makes 3 cups). Set aside.

    Heat oil in large, deep skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add shrimp and cook, stirring, until just pink, 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in beans, salsa, and reserved rice.

    Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until shrimp are opaque in thickest part and mixture is hot and bubbly, about 5 minutes.

    Remove skillet from heat and sprinkle with cheese. Serve with lime wedges.

    Nutrition Facts
    379 calories
    19 g protein
    54 g carb
    9.7 g fat

  8. Avocado and Grape Tomato Guacamole

    This supper club favorite by Beverly Williams-Hawkins has been shared by YPB Training Studio’s owner Lisa Wright for many parties. With a chunky texture and “just right” spicy, it’s great to dip into as an appetizer, served over fish or steak, and as a topping over your favorite salad greens.

    PREP TIME          TOTAL TIME           SERVINGS
    15 min                     1¾ hours                      9



    2 avocados (cubed)
    2 pts grape tomatoes (halved)
    1/2 cup chopped cilantro
    1/2 red onion (finely diced)
    2 garlic cloves (minced)
    2 limes (juice)
    1 tsp lime zest
    1 tbsp honey (agave nectar, acacia or orange blossom honey)
    1/2 tsp cumin
    2 small jalapeño peppers (minced)
    Sea Salt


    Combine all ingredients (except the avocado) in a medium bowl until just mixed. Gently fold in the avocado and season to taste with sea salt.

    Nutrition Facts

    Amount per Serving
    Calories 110        Calories from Fat 60
    Total Fat  7g
    Saturated Fat   1g
    Trans Fat
    Total Carbohydrates  14g
    Dietary Fiber  5g
    Sugars  6g
    Protein  2g

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